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Accommodation, activity, tour and transport listings

If you don’t already have a listing on you can list by registering with Tourism New Zealand's consumer website Go to and create one for free today.

From here, you can add your business listing, which will show on after it has been approved by Tourism New Zealand and this will automatically feed through to A listing on puts your business in front of over 12 million potential visitors each year.

Note: Do not register again if you have already done so because your email address will not work if you have.

For businesses who are wishing to update or edit their listing, they can log in at in the top right hand corner of the black bar.

For operator database enquiries e.g. you cannot recall your log in details, please emailElisabeth O'Connor at  with your full name and company name to get these reset.

Once you are logged in, you can edit your listing/s. Make sure you check through all steps (Type & Description to Explore). Trade & Explore are optional so you do not need to fill these out, but make sure you continue right through to the end until you finish the listing process.

Important - to be shown on, you must check the ‘Consent & Authority’ box when you have registered.  If this box is not checked, your listing will not appear on If you are already registered and unsure if you have selected this or not, you can click on ‘edit profile’ when you are logged in.


List your accommodation, activity or tour with BookIT

Overview of BookIt

Since 2004 BookIt has been New Zealand's established, proven, reliable and truly independent online booking market place that supports online bookings of any travel and tourism product from hotels to hot air balloons.

Key benefits of using BookIt

  • BookIt is integrated into the website and will offer the best user experience possible with even greater exposure of your product
  • BookIt supports any kind of tourism product and provides an advanced cross-selling system that allows up-selling of related products when customers are booking online
  • BookIt handles all customer payments, including amendments and refunds for cancellations. All associated invoicing requirements are also handled by the system
  • All payments are taken in real time at the time of booking confirmation. The funds are held in BookIt's trust facility and released weekly by direct bank transfer. By default all bookings are pre-paid on or around 7 days prior to the customer arriving. However you can also choose 20th of the following month terms - it is up to you and BookIt is flexible. The system settles the payment owing to you, directly to your bank account and generates an IRD approved buyer created tax invoice for this payment
  • BookIt provides comprehensive support. You can contact them toll free on 0508 BOOKIT (0508 266548) or by email to

The next step - register with BookIt

Registration is simple. You will need to go online at and complete the registration process.


Get your event on by simply listing yourself on  All events now pull through directly from Eventfinder which should make it easier for event organisers to ensure that their events reach as many people as possible.

Registering with Eventfinder is free and only takes a minute or two.

Please note that we do not list events that run weekly, for example: markets as we have another dedicated section for activities like this.  We also only list music events that are viewed as "concerts" or "one-offs".

Restaurants, bars & cafes

All dining options are now sourced directly from Zomato, so to get your eatery on you need to contact Zomato to have a listing created.

Zomato will create the listing content, including photos, uploading menus and selecting your categories. If there are inaccuracies on your listing, please contact Zomato to get them updated.