2012 investment round results announced

The New Zealand Government is set to invest $133 million to support 47 research projects in the biological industries. Industries include energy and minerals, the environment, hazards and infrastructure, and health and society.

Published: 12 September 2012
Filed under: Industry

The full results of MBIE's Science + Innovation 2012 Investment Round have been announced. $227m will be invested over the next 6 years to support 79 research projects.

Click on the below links to view the results from each funding category:


High-Value Manufacturing and Services Research Fund

Biological Industries Research Fund

Hazards and Infrastructure Research Fund

Energy and Minerals Research Fund

Environment Research Fund

Health and Society Fund


*Please note that full funding for some of the longer research is subject to review over the course of the project.

MBIE's investments in research and science aim to achieve social and environmental as well as economic benefits for New Zealand.

The main focus of the investment round was on high-quality science, through Targeted Research and Enabling Technology platforms, that delivers results.

This year we introduced Smart Ideas as a completely new way of funding. This research is investigator led, with an emphasis on the quality of the science rather than track record creating an opportunity for earlier career researchers to have their ideas funded. Smart Ideas has two phases for funding – this first phase funding is for developing an idea. Researchers will have to apply for the second phase of funding for commercialising the idea.