Latest economic information for Auckland

Published: 01 January 2015
Filed under: Economic development, General news

How is the Auckland economy performing? The latest data released by Auckland Council lets you investigate your area in more detail.

1. Auckland Council has recently released a series of web-based profiles for Auckland and each of its 21 local board areas, describing the GDP, employment, industries and skills in each area.  For more information click here >

2. The Business Operations Survey was released by Statistics NZ on 20 March, highlighting that technology and staff training are vital for New Zealand businesses.

The Statistics NZ summary notes that nearly 50 percent of businesses use the Internet to sell goods and services, but for most businesses, these sales make up less than 10 percent of their total sales. 

In 2014, 84 percent of businesses provided training to their staff – down from 89 percent the previous year. The top three areas of training in 2014 were in health and safety, customer service/sales skills, and computer skills. For more information click here >

3. Statistics NZ has also recently released the Research and Development Survey which is conducted every two years.

The survey shows that businesses are spending more on research and development (R&D) and this expenditure is expected to rise again in 2015.

Business expenditure on research and development (BERD) increased by $53 million to $1,246 million in 2014.

Computer service businesses are now the biggest spenders on R&D of any business type. For more information click here >