Nanofibre revolution takes off

Published: 20 January 2015
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West Auckland business Revolution Fibres is taking its nanofibre technology to the next level by collaborating with a number of overseas companies to develop pioneering new products.         

Revolution Fibres started the nanofibre revolution in New Zealand five years ago, and in the last year has been working on a number of research and development programs with US businesses.

Managing Director Iain Hosie says the company’s Nanofibre Customization Services have given rise to some exciting new products that are expected to be launched in 2015, including everything from satellite components and decontamination apparatus through to facemasks and functional foods.

“The versatility of nanofibre is endless and as the world searches for textiles with higher performance, greater strength, and lighter more functional materials, nanofibre fits the bill.

“The great thing about nanofibre is that although the technology is advanced and sometimes complex, the end product is actually useful for everyday things. It's not so hi tech that it's out of this world.” 

These new product developments come on top of existing nanofibre product lines that Revolution Fibres helped develop such as filters for HRV Next Generation ventilation systems, the Kilwell fishing rod (which recently won Australian fishing rod of the year), and  Nanodream, an anti-allergy pillow liner.

Other products utilising nanofibre include actiVLayr cosmetics and Phonix acoustic nanofibre office furniture made by IQ Commercial. 

“These products were at the forefront of the nanofibre revolution in New Zealand and continue to grow in sales. Now, with the work we are currently doing here and overseas, we are looking at a variety of new, specialised manufacturing contracts in 2015.   
“These research and development programs ultimately allow us to do what we do best and that’s innovate,” says Hosie.

“We work collaboratively with overseas engineers and our team is incredibly skilled at applying our company’s expertise to very diverse projects.”

Auckland Mayor Len Brown visited the Henderson-based company on Tuesday [20 January] to see the diverse work it is doing with nanofibre both in New Zealand and overseas.

Guests also included University of Auckland scientist and nanotechnology expert Michelle Dickinson, representatives from Callaghan Innovation and ATEED (Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development), along with HRV chief executive Bruce Gordon and IQ Commercial Managing Director Blair McKolskey.

Brown said Revolution Fibres is a prime example of a company at the forefront of the hi-tech innovation sector which is essential to the future growth and success of the New Zealand economy.
“New Zealand’s problem is never the ideas, it’s the commercialisation of the idea, so it's great to see Revolution Fibres doing both sides and commercialising great ideas,” he said.

“It’s about all of us doing it together, Revolution Fibres, the university, Callaghan and ATEED, HRV and IQ Commercial, and it’s great to see [Revolution Fibres’] investors here too – that’s what I call a commercial full court press.”

Brown also acknowledged Revolution Fibre’s commitment to Auckland and New Zealand through its employment of University of Auckland and AUT University students in highly skilled roles.   

“By keeping these kids here you’re giving us hope that New Zealand is the future for them.”

Hosie says Revolution Fibres aim is to continue to grow new innovations and foster long-term partnerships with its clients, and in turn create a New Zealand-based nanofibre export industry.

“We employ highly skilled scientists who create and manufacture world leading products that have vast uses across many different areas. Our focus is to develop an innovative manufacturing industry in New Zealand that continues to push the boundaries in advanced materials.”

The company’s electro-spinning technology creates nanofibre out of a range of materials including polymers and natural sources such as collagen from hoki fish skins. This is in turn used to do everything from strengthen fishing rods to enhance satellite components.

Revolution Fibres is already recognised for its innovation and manufacturing excellence and is now working towards AS9100c certification for Quality Assurance to meet aerospace standards.


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