Technology Development Grant applications open

The New Zealand Government is inviting applications from businesses for the 2012 Technology Development Grant — its flagship investment programme to boost research and development in business.

Published: 27 October 2012
Filed under: Awards

Technology Development Grants support businesses with a good track record in R&D that spend a significant proportion of their revenue on research.

The Grant reimburses 20 per cent of eligible R&D expenditure on a business’s R&D programme, up to $2.4 million (excl. GST) a year.

The 2012 investment round is currently underway. It is no longer possible to apply for funding for this round.

Is the Grant for you?
Businesses that want to apply for the TDG will have to meet the following criteria:

  • They must have an average annual R&D intensity (eligible R&D expenditure divided by revenue) of at least three per cent over the past three years*
  • They must have average annual operating revenues of at least $3m over the past three years
  • They must be a person or entity that is ‘in business’ and resident in New Zealand, and must not be an entity established under the Education Act 1989, Crown Research Institutes Act 1992, Local Government Act 2002 or the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000, or be or an entity that is 50 per cent or more owned by one or more of those types of entities.

*Please note the RDI threshold has been lowered to allow for more businesses to meet the eligibility criteria. This change is made in light of further changes expected to the Technology Development Grant later this year when MBIE will have completed a review of all its support tools for business R&D.