Rural development

By land area, more than 80 per cent of Auckland is rural. The rural sectors in the north and south of Auckland play a vital role in the local economy.
rural business development in auckland, new zealand

Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED)  provides support for local growers and producers to ensure long term sustainability of their industries. For advice concerning your rural business, contact us.


The Auckland region offers a diversity of climatic and soil conditions that provide opportunities for growing a wide variety of produce.

ATEED supports growers and producers through strategic projects focusing on:

  • export opportunities
  • on-farm robotics and automation
  • capability building
  • providing access to marketing and distribution opportunities via industry boards

Auckland's Growers and Producers Directory

Set up to allow buyers - such as cafes and restaurants - to source local produce, and for local producers to market themselves to potential buyers.

Niche food

The variety of growing conditions in the region - and the ingenuity of its people - creates the opportunity to produce specialised food products for niche markets.

ATEED works alongside niche and artisan food producers to develop capability, profile and marketing opportunities. This includes:

  • education
  • research and development
  • product development via The FoodBowl
  • participation in trade shows and events
  • export opportunities and contacts


Aquaculture in Auckland has significant potential. To maximise this, the regional aquaculture cluster AquATM focuses on integrating the land-based and marine-based sectors. The aim is to:

  • produce high-value products for domestic and export markets
  • create employment and career opportunities
  • develop research projects
  • optimise the use of shared resources

One of the latest research projects highlights the freshwater aquaculture opportunities in New Zealand.

To find out more about aquaculture in Auckland, contact us.

Equine industry

The equine sector is a considerable contributor to Auckland’s rural economy. A recent research project highlights the opportunities for the equine sector.

ATEED supports the development of the local equine industry, and seeks to foster collaboration within the sector.

To find out more about the equine sector in Auckland, contact us.