Starting a business from overseas

support starting an auckland business from overseas

Setting up a business in Auckland from overseas is easy and full of opportunity.

New Zealand is ranked number one of 189 countries for ease of starting a business, protecting minority investors and getting credit, says the 2014 World Bank Group’s Doing Business report. And we’re at number two for ease of doing business. New Zealand also offers a safe and low-risk environment; it ranks second in the world for lack of corruption (Transparency International Corruption Index 2014).

Our regulations make it easy to start a company in Auckland, and it can all be done online for little cost. The whole process takes less than two days.

To register a company or reserve a company name, go to the Companies Office website. You must register within 10 working days of starting business in Auckland.

You can run a business in New Zealand in one of three ways:

  • as a wholly-owned subsidiary of an overseas parent company
  • as a branch representing the New Zealand operations of an overseas company
  • becoming a New Zealand company by transferring its incorporation from another country to the Companies Office register.

Find out how Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) can help you set up your business in Auckland.

If you’re migrating and thinking of starting a new business, visit Immigration New Zealand.