Getting ready for investment

Growing your business usually requires additional resource. Our team can give you options for getting your business ready for investment.

Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) can help you access various services, including workshops, training and connecting with experts. Contact us >

Thinking about exporting

For many companies, exporting is a logical step for sales growth. If you’re considering entering overseas markets, talk to our team about who can help you and what training is available.

More useful information is available at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

Going digital

Is your business online? To be a successful business and globally connected, you need to understand digital technology such as smart phones, ultra-fast broadband (UFB), teleconferencing and cloud computing.

Going digital has advantages and challenges. If you’re not sure how to get online, we can help choose the best training solution for your business. Contact us >


Business and financial planning

A business plan is the foundation for a thriving business. Its strategy and actions will kick start your venture and plot your growth.

Your business plan should develop and change over time to reflect your success. Reviewing your progress against the plan regularly is a good way to measure actual performance and help recognise when change is needed.

For assistance with business planning, talk to our team and find out what training is available.

Helpful links:


Consumers and retailers are increasingly demanding sustainably produced goods and services that are non-polluting, safe and healthy, and conserve energy and natural resources.

If you have a sustainable business or are thinking about starting a business with a sustainability focus, talk to our team about who can help you and what training is available.

Sustainability benefits Auckland’s environment, employees, communities and organisations. It also presents opportunities for businesses, including:

  • providing a marketing advantage
  • driving innovation and improving productivity
  • developing corporate responsibility and global awareness
  • reducing operational costs through recycling, waste reduction and energy saving measures
  • enhancing brand integrity and corporate reputation.

ATEED promotes sustainability and belongs to the Sustainable Business Network. We encourage local businesses to improve their environmental performance in areas such as waste and recycling, energy, water, transport and gas emissions. Having businesses working towards greater sustainability will help us achieve the vision of Auckland becoming the world’s most liveable city.

Useful links for sustainable business:

  • Auckland transport’s commute programme

    Help your staff find more options for commuting to work – 220,000 Aucklanders are already on board. This programme provides information and planning tools to Auckland businesses.

  • Energy management and efficiency

    Make the most of the energy you use, no matter what business you’re in. Most New Zealand businesses can shave at least 20 per cent off their energy costs with smarter energy use. This website offers practical advice and funding details.

  • Green fleet

    Use this business toolset to reduce emissions, improve transport efficiency, reduce transport costs and offset emissions with tree planting. You can access easy, useful services such as Carculate Vehicle Procurement Tool and Carbon4Good Offsets.

  • Irrigation acceleration fund

    The fund supports the potential for irrigated agriculture to contribute to sustainable economic growth throughout New Zealand.

  • New Zealand green building council

    This not-for-profit industry organisation is dedicated to speeding up the development and adoption of market-based green building practises.

  • RightCar

    Need help when buying a vehicle to choose safer, cleaner and more economical cars? Find out how cars rank on this website for occupant safety, harm to other road users, fuel economy, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and air pollution.

  • Sustainable business council

    A CEO-led group of companies providing a catalyst for New Zealand’s business community to lead the creation of a sustainable future for business, society and the environment.

  • Sustainable business network

    Join the network that provides advice and support to help businesses succeed by becoming more sustainable.

  • Sustainable procurement in government guide

    Businesses and governments that have introduced sustainable procurement report 8 to 30 per cent efficiency improvements, straight to the bottom line. Applied in New Zealand, this could save the Government more than $1.6 billion a year.

  • Target sustainability

    This service provides free support for Christchurch businesses to become sustainable by reducing waste and being energy and water efficient.

  • Waste minimisation for your business

    Put this Auckland Council information to good use in reducing your business waste.

  • Waste minimisation fund

    Ministry for the Environment funding to help waste minimisation projects. It aims to increase resource efficiency; increase reuse, recovery and recycling; and decrease waste to landfill.

  • Watercare

    Provides information for businesses about backflow responsibilities, trade waste, laboratory services, water connection and water network responsibilities.

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