• What is a Convention Bureau?

    ​Many major cities have convention bureau to promote their cities as places to hold conferences, conventions and other business events. Auckland Convention Bureau promotes Auckland as a premier global events destination and supports event planners in delivering a world-class experience for delegates.

  • Why are the services of Auckland Convention Bureau free?

    Hosting conventions in Auckland is good for the city’s economy and global reputation. Auckland Convention Bureau is a division of Auckland’s economic growth agency ATEED (Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development), which funds many activities that promote and encourage the growth of Auckland’s economy. This enables us to offer our services to business events planners for free.​

  • What does Auckland Convention Bureau do?

    Auckland Convention Bureau assists event planners from businesses and associations around the world in organising and implementing business events. We also help organise reward trips to Auckland as incentives for employees, and we can help New Zealand-based businesses and individuals bid to bring their global industry events to Auckland.

    We offer assistance and support to event planners in many ways, including providing advice and quotes for venues and accommodation, making travel arrangements and supplying marketing material to boost delegate numbers. You can read a detailed list of our services here.

  • Does Auckland Convention Bureau make commissions from my event?

    No, Auckland Convention Bureau does not make commissions from any events.

  • Does Auckland Convention Bureau have any preferred suppliers?

    We do work with a number of preferred suppliers in the Auckland region. They are local businesses that support or contribute to the events industry, such as caterers, hotels and venue owners. However we work with as many Auckland suppliers as we need to – whatever the client wants, we will find a way to fit their brief, whether they are a preferred supplier of ours or not.

  • Can Auckland Convention Bureau plan my event for me?

    While Auckland Convention Bureau does not actually plan your event for you, we can offer support for your planning every step of the way. We can put you in touch with companies that can take on the planning and organisation of your entire event.

    In most cases, event planners seek information and advice from us but make the final decisions themselves, based on budget and requirements. Once you have made your decisions, we can place the bookings on your behalf and then provide you with brochures, guides and maps for when your delegates arrive in Auckland. We can also offer an on-site information and bookings desk during the event.

  • What does bidding for an international conference mean?

    Cities often compete to host meetings or events, as they can bring many benefits. ‘Bidding’ is when an individual, company or association competes to host an event in a particular city. This involves preparing professional bid documents, including lobbying material and letters of support from relevant bodies.

    The bidding process can seem complicated but Auckland Convention Bureau does this every day and we are here to help those who want to bring a conference to Auckland. In some cases, when specific criteria is met, ACB can produce the bid documents at our own cost and even assist in bringing the decision makers (usually international committee members) to Auckland to see our amazing region for themselves. We can also help clients apply for funding through the Tourism New Zealand Convention Assistance Programme.

  • I would like to offer a trip to Auckland as an incentive for my company’s employees – how do I arrange this?

    Auckland Convention Bureau can work with you to arrange and book an incentive trip to suit your needs. Our team can gather quotes and information about travel, accommodation and activities and book them on your behalf. Incentive trips can be for more than one employee and for as many days as you choose.