From major conventions to intimate business events, Auckland Convention Bureau knows success depends on thorough planning.

Auckland Convention Bureau (ACB) offers free information and any support you need to plan your event. We’re here to answer any questions or help resolve issues. If you’d like to use a professional conference organiser or business event specialist, we can put you in touch with reliable planners who will help you deliver a first-rate event.

Before you start, here are a few planning tips.

Be prepared

Business events are driven by business goals and it’s crucial that you are clear about the objectives for your event.  By gearing every aspect of the event towards achieving your objectives, it should exceed expectations. Before you start planning, talk to your event stakeholders so you can understand your budget and priorities.

Stick to your list

Draw up a comprehensive timeline and event checklist to help you stay on track and on budget. It should detail all your tasks, their priority and who is responsible for completing them.

Shout about it

Attracting the right guests and delegates is the key to a successful event and will enhance the experience for everyone. Start talking to your potential speakers early. Let potential delegates know your event is happening through every channel you can, from media advertising and industry e-newsletters to website promotion. Ask ACB for assistance with marketing materials that can help attract delegates. We can also help you source professional photographers to capture images of your event, ensuring you can promote it in the following months.

Get feedback

While ACB will help you deliver a great event, there are always ways to improve in future. To assist your future event planning ask delegates for their post-event feedback, and include an evaluation in your event debrief and analysis.  Ask ACB for advice on important questions to ask your delegates.

Think on your feet

Expect the unexpected with large, complex events – it’s how you handle issues that counts. Ask ACB for examples of common problems and advice on how to deal with them. Make sure your event plan includes having the right troubleshooting support in place.
Auckland has many skilled event suppliers who can help meet every requirement for your event. For a list of suppliers see our business directory >