Defence Bakery

Defence Bakery

Bakery, Fast Food

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Arlene - RATED 3.0000

Hello Defence Bakery. I wanted to order a cake for delivery online but I don't see a website where I can do it from. Can you please direct me to the appropriate person or to the website? Thanks.

Deepak Chaurasia - RATED 1.5000

Pastry was extremely baaad..... . Please improve pastry quality , had blackforest pastry and it was not at all good , lots of improvement needed.

Ritesh Shah - RATED 5.0000

Defence bakery is the best place in the town for yummy cakes, my favorite is the chocolate lava cake, The baked samosas with a filling of corn and potato, Atta biscuit made of wheat bran and other bakery items are too delicious.They have a good variety of desserts and other eatables as well. Too good, too delicious. wonderful. neatly arranged, Don't miss it


how a bakery shud is the proper one. yummy pastries, yummier cakes, muffins, naan khatais, coconut biscuits and those ₹10 nano pizzas...awesome food

Arpan Panda - RATED 4.5000

Place worth visiting ! Will fall in love if u will try their cakes moist fresh and tasty😁 Nice hygienic place. Must try 😉 My persnol recomendation is blackforest cake and patties.😊


C Block Market
Sector 41

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