Mulberry Grove Cafe

Mulberry Grove Cafe

Cafe in Auckland

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Sophie - RATED 1.0000

Beautiful location, but the worst service and food on the island! The staff were rude and the food on offer terrible. Although a good selection of goods in the general store the prices were significantly higher than elsewhere on the island. The member of staff who dealt with our group mostly, treated us with disdain and as a complete inconvenience. Don't waste your money here! Go to the Wild Rose Cafe just down the coast instead where the food is fantastic and use the islands other general stores! Extremely disappointing as everywhere else we visited on Great Barrier Island was fantastic!

Steve Hamilton - RATED 2.0000

Out of all the cafes, restaurants and bars we visted, this one would have to be the worse. Having a shop inside the cafe, we had no idea who to go to order a meal. No one said "Can I help." After walking around for awhile I approached a staff member only to be told you need to go to the checkout. The owner (I suspect) there was very non committal and made me feel I was a disruption to his work, even a smile or a "Hi" would have gone a long way. The meal for the price seemed resonable but very greasy. The next day we arrived 15mins before food was last to be served only to be told they had already closed. The three times we visted we were greeted in an unfriendly manner, hence we won't back...ever

Eebieinenzed - RATED 4.0000

The best place on GBI for gourmet breads and croissants to take away at the weekend, consistently serving excellent coffee and providing grocery essentials, hot pies and pastries as well as top notch pates, cheeses and a range of alcoholic drinks, for residents and visitors alike. Open 7-days a week, the beautifully restored premises have been family run since 1999 in such a low-key and no-fuss manner that you won't find the owners giving too much attention to what's said about them online. Which is why I'm doing it instead. Stop by and see for yourselves when you visit this lovely location. Just keep it low-key too please; if we tell too many people, it'll spoil the surprise...

Michael Turner - RATED 1.0000

Paid $40 for fish and chips for four people.Appreciate that prices will be higher as we are on an isolated island however this should not be an excuse for quality this piss poor. The fish was old, dry and smelly.The chips were edible but greasy and limp.Recommend avoiding at all cost.Lift your game Mulberry Cafe and Takeaway...


Shoal Bay Road
Great Barrier Island

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