Awhitu Peninsula

South Auckland

Walkway to Manukau Heads Lighthouse, Awhitu Peninsula, Auckland
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​Discover a hidden gem full of history, character and natural beauty.

Awhitu Peninsula is only an hour from downtown Auckland, but its vast panoramas across wild, black-sand beaches and coastal cliff-top roads make it a true escape.

Don’t miss climbing to the top of the historical lighthouse for incredible views. 

Awhitu Peninsula highlights

Lighthouse ta Awhitu Peninsula, Auckland

Top picks

Light up your life
Walk through the historical Manukau Heads Lighthouse, jutting out from the tip of the peninsula. The lighthouse is one of only a few in New Zealand that are open to the public.

Bathe in beauty
Explore the tranquil bays and rolling pastures of Awhitu Regional Park. Enjoy the short walks and mountain bike trails, or relax with a swim and a picnic at one of the safe, white-sand beaches.

Blow out the cobwebs
Visit the expansive black-sand beach of Karioitahi. Its rugged, windswept landscape makes it perfect for all sorts of fun – hang gliding, paragliding, blokarting, surfing, 4 wheel driving and more.

Vino and views
Visit a boutique cliff-top vineyard and enjoy a wine tasting with spectacular harbour views. Sip on elegant wines with friends and pick up a bottle or two to take home.

Please your palate
Browse the bustling Awhitu Country Markets, held on the last Sunday of every month. Pick up fresh organic produce, oils and preserves, plus arts and health and beauty products. 

​Why visit?

The magnificent Awhitu Peninsula is a destination of contrasts, where the Tasman Sea crashes on the black sands of the west coast and meets the tranquil eastern bays.

Although only an hour from the city centre, it remains undiscovered to many Aucklanders. Check out the views from the Manukau Heads Lighthouse and explore beautiful Awhitu Regional Park on your way back.