Brett O'RileyNamaste.

The Auckland Diwali Festival is now in its 15th year. This joyous, family-friendly festival has become a firm annual favourite during this time, with tens of thousands of Aucklanders and visitors from all backgrounds coming to the heart of Auckland’s city centre for this event every year.

Now an unmissable part of Auckland’s social and cultural fabric, this high-energy festival is a chance to connect with Auckland’s significant Indian community, and celebrate many different facets of contemporary and traditional Indian culture.

We now have a generation of regular local performers who have grown up with the Auckland Diwali Festival and who are now mentoring the next generation.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and been a part of the Auckland Diwali Festival for many years - and welcome to those experiencing it for the first time.

Happy Diwali.
Brett O’Riley
Chief Executive
Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development

John LuxtonNamaste.

The Asia New Zealand Foundation is proud to have been involved in the Auckland Diwali Festival since the first major public Diwali Mela event in 2002.

We’re delighted to be hosting fantastic international guests at this year’s festival, representing four regions of India and diverse forms of dance, puppetry, folk art and intricate paper cutting. Asia New Zealand Foundation is grateful to the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, which has supported the Diwali Festival since its inception.

Asia New Zealand Foundation is committed to helping all New Zealanders gain a better understanding of Asia and its diverse peoples and cultures. We hope you make the most of the opportunity Diwali Festival of Lights gives you to learn about Indian cultures right here in Auckland.

John Luxton
Asia New Zealand Foundation Chairman