How we can help you

Our Business Attraction and Investment team works to continually increase Auckland’s productivity, innovation, skills and exports, develop business and create sustained economic growth. We can help you become part of Auckland's exciting journey.

The team is part of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), Auckland’s investment promotion agency. We assist you every step of the way, from matching your interest to the most appropriate opportunities and initial market entry to expansion strategies.

Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

Business case development
We want you to make informed decisions that will yield the best results for you. We work with you to determine and demonstrate Auckland’s suitability for your business by developing a full business case. Our team of specialists consults with you to fully understand your business and industry, and then provides suitable opportunities and solutions, including market research and statistics.

Putting you in touch with the right people
With strong links to business, the city and government, we have the contacts to help you succeed. We arrange and facilitate introductions to assist you in establishing your business successfully in Auckland. We can help you access a range of New Zealand government grants and support programmes, as well as connect you with investment partners for major projects.

Talent and labour analysis
We can help you identify and tap into the city’s impressive talent pool and provide you with a comprehensive market analysis. This is tailored specifically to your business and investment needs. The analysis considers all relevant factors, including the type and level of experience and qualification of the staff you require. We can assist in establishing collaborative partnerships with local human resource consultants, support services businesses, universities, tertiary institutes and training organisations.

Property solutions
With our comprehensive view of the property market, we can help you develop the right property solutions. With a rapidly developing property market, Auckland offers significant rural, commercial and industrial property opportunities.

Our established relationships with major property developers, consultants and government mean we are always up to date with pricing, project developments and city planning. Our relationship with Auckland city’s development agencies means that we can work with you to develop solutions that grow jobs and exports for Auckland. 

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Our Business Attraction and Investment team offers investors long-term assistance and support.  After you establish your business in Auckland, we continue to work with you to ensure you prosper through accessing the right business premises and sites, talent pool and having a business-friendly experience in Auckland.

Our Aroha Auckland programme helps make ensure Auckland’s multinational companies are supported by Council and encouraged to expand within the city.

Find out more about how we can help you do business in Auckland. Contact Suzanne McKinnon, Investment Specialist.