Auckland Harbour Bridge: a bridge with a view

Insider's guide

​​It was a beautiful crisp autumn day when we set off to conquer one of Auckland’s most distinctive landmarks – the harbour bridge.

We were joining a group on the aptly named Auckland Bridge Climb, run by bungy gurus A. J. Hackett (yes, you can also bungy off the bridge).

After suiting up, donning helmets and running through some safety instructions from our guide, we were off. We climbed under, around, up and over the bridge, gaining an incredibly unique perspective on – and from – this iconic piece of infrastructure.  One of the highlights was the climb up to the apex of the bridge, firstly walking right between the lanes of fast-moving traffic (don’t worry, you’re on a separate walkway – there’s no traffic dodging involved!) then ascending to the top of the arch for an amazing view out over the harbour and city.

On a sunny Auckland day, this is a stunning spot to be. Throughout the trip we also learnt all sorts of interesting facts and we were quite surprised to find out what a fascinating back-story the bridge has.

As locals, this was something we’d never thought of doing before – it’s not often that you step back and look at your own city through the eyes of a visitor. So whether you’re an Aucklander or a traveller looking for something different, we’d thoroughly recommend the experience.  Heaps of fun, a dash of history, a healthy dose of adrenaline and amazing views – what’s not to like?

By Janine Grainger and Cleo Bergin, Operational Strategy Advisors, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development​