SkyWalk this way at the Auckland Sky Tower

Insider's guide

​​Are you brave enough to walk the ring of Auckland’s famous Sky Tower? SkyWalk is a heart-pumping experience and with views as far as the eye can see – it's a must-do on your visit to Auckland.

“I can’t believe you did that!” was the collective cry from friends and family upon seeing a photo of me suspended 192 metres above the ground, hanging over the edge of a narrow platform circling the Sky Tower.

Well I couldn’t believe it either. Not only that I made it onto the walkway, but that my arms are outstretched, having let go of the one rope I was allowed to clutch on to, and that I’m actually smiling. That’s testament to James, the amazing SkyWalk guide I had, whose humour and patience turned a very scary prospect into a fantastic experience.

SkyWalk involves more than just walking around the exterior of the Sky Tower though. As soon as you’ve started to pat yourself on the back for moving your feet more than two centimetres at a time, your guide will smile sweetly and let you know the next heart-pumping stunt you’ll be pulling. Each time James told me about the next ‘challenge’ I laughed and told him he was being ridiculous. But I’m proud to say that with some gentle coaxing I did every single thing. The highlight for me was getting the courage to lean out over the city, my feet half off the platform, arms stretched wide Titanic-style.

It took a bit of convincing but I’m so glad I did SkyWalk – it’s worth the scary moments for the absolute thrill of being on top of the world and getting the best 360 degree views of Auckland you’ll ever see. Even if you think you’re not a fan of heights, you might surprise yourself and love it – I did.

By Amber, Destination Content Writer, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development