Pasifika is a treat for the taste buds, whether you already know and love traditional Pacific Island cuisine, or you’re new to the wonderful flavours and dishes on offer.

Get a taste of the Pacific with more than 150 traditional, authentic dishes to choose from and not only is the food delicious, but it also reflects the history and culture of the Pacific Islands.

Key ingredients in Pacific Island cooking do vary between nations, but include coconut, fish, taro, banana, chicken and pork, which feature in many dishes at the Festival.

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Keep an eye out for these specialties:

  • Cook Islands – ‘Poke’ is a divine tasting dessert made up of ripe banana, starch (pia) and coconut cream
  • Fiji – ‘Lovo’ is a range of fish, meat and vegetables cooked in the ground for several hours
  • Niue – ‘Fai kai’, fish baked with coconut cream
  • Aotearoa – Paua fritters and smoked eel
  • Hawai'i - Hawaiian kalo (taro) skillfully pounded and mixed with water into a smooth consistency
  • Kiribati - Fish dried in the sun and served with taro
  • Samoa – ‘Palusami’, taro leaves baked in coconut cream
  • Tahiti - Tasty chestnuts eaten fresh or cooked in a variety of ways
  • Tuvalu – ‘Tolo talo’, a mashed baked taro in coconut cream and served with fish
  • Tonga – ‘Tunu puaka’ a whole pig roasted on a spit
  • Tokelau – ‘Sua ika’, fish boiled in coconut cream

Make sure to pop by the umu in the Samoa village, the hangi in Aotearoa or lovo in Fiji to see and taste traditional stone cooking at its best.

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