Talofa lava and welcome to the Samoa village.

Did you know…In December 2011, Samoa moved forward a day and is now on the same side of the International Date Line as New Zealand.  The two main islands of Samoa are Upolo and Savai’i.  Savai’I is one of the biggest islands in the Polynesia.


Saturday and Sunday

VC MAQUEE: Samoan Tattooist | Lagimalofie 
*There will be a demonstration onsite of the Samoan traditional men's Tatau [Tattoo] also the Samoan traditional women's Malu [Tattoo] this is the Samoan attire.  This will take place in the Samoan VC Maquee.

SAMOA FALE: Samoan Weaving
Fine mat weaving, especially the ie sae, the soft mat, is a treasure in Samoa. Many of our own people have not seen a mat in process let alone be trained to weave by one of their own.
Women in business – (of Samoa) are sending a small group of women, to NZ, that they sponsor to conduct a fine mat weaving workshop.