Sustainable conferencing in Auckland

​Auckland is a great place to live, work and visit and we want to make sure it stays that way for future generations to enjoy. We are taking steps to reduce the environmental impact that we have on our region and we encourage you to do the same during your event.

A few helpful tips

  • Choose accommodation and conference facilities that are committed to sustainable practices.
  • Ensure suppliers are aware of your sustainability goals and that ecofriendly alternatives are provided throughout the event, for example: waste separation options, reduced packaging, energy-efficient technology and menus that use seasonal produce.
  • Encourage attendees to plan an energy-efficient transport strategy and to use public transport transfers.
  • Go electronic. Save paper and printing by providing electronic alternatives for registration and handouts. Provide a conference disc if a large quantity of information is to be distributed.
  • Choose an activity that allows attendees to give back to the local community or support the environment.
  • If you are giving a gift to your attendees, choose something locally made that provides a taste of Auckland.
  • Take the opportunity to share the sustainability goals of the event with participants and encourage them to contribute to achieving these goals.
  • To monitor your improvements year on year, consider measuring your event’s carbon footprint and offsetting the emissions.
  • Ask Auckland Convention Bureau for assistance and ideas to help you create a sustainable conference, incentive or event.