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Immigration and employment

Employment and engagement of New Zealand cast and crew

New Zealand film crews have a reputation for innovation and adaptability, with fast turnarounds using limited budgets. They are skilled and excellent problem solvers who are used to working on a project basis under individual contracts.

Union membership is voluntary. Most New Zealand actors and crew are non-unionised, self-employed, independent contractors. However, on long-term productions they may be treated as contractors or as employees. In these circumstances we recommend you seek guidance from Screen Auckland or professional advice from your line producer.

International actors and crew

Working in New Zealand is subject to easy-to-understand immigration regulations. Work visas are required by all production crew except New Zealand or Australian permanent residents or citizens.

Your New Zealand line producer or production support person can help you manage employment and immigration obligations. They have direct contact with relevant industry bodies and government agencies and will be up-to-date with employment regulations.

Tourist visas and visa waivers

You can undertake location scouting, business visits or feasibility studies on a tourist visa or, where applicable, under a visa waiver agreement. New Zealand has agreements established with many countries for stays of up to three months.

For more information visit Immigration New Zealand.