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Locations and access

Auckland sets the scene for your filming success 

Auckland has a diverse range of world-class locations, and is also the ideal film production base to explore and access the rest of New Zealand’s great locations – whether you’re looking for gritty suburban drama or fantastical faraway realms.

Auckland and New Zealand’s landscapes are as diverse as the productions it hosts. From glaciers to hot pools, mountains to beaches, volcanic plateaus to ferny wonderlands, and white-water rivers to untouched islands, there are incredible landscapes for you to explore. New Zealand’s incredibly varied and accessible geography will impress you if you’re considering Chile, Iceland or China for period, fantasy or off-planet landscapes.

New Zealand’s temperate climate and light clarity is a cinematographer’s dream. With reverse seasons to the northern hemisphere, New Zealand offers scheduling opportunities to producers who need snow in August and idyllic summery beaches in December. And on top of all this are New Zealand’s streamlined logistics, and film studio and crew availability.

Diverse landscapes and cityscapes side by side

You’ll find urban scenes and natural wonders all within close proximity in Auckland.

Nestled between two natural harbours, Auckland is often referred to as the City of Sails and is where yachts, cruise ships, ferries and fishing vessels, all drop anchor. Just beyond the city’s bright lights, there are many locations which are visually unique and look remote on screen. Within 40 minutes of Auckland’s skyscrapers you’ll find many commercial and residential urban settings with varied contemporary and period architecture, volcanic cones, wild black sand or serene golden beaches, picturesque countryside and vineyards, beautiful native forests, and steaming thermal areas.

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Auckland in a supporting role – facilitating all the action

Within two- three hours drive from Auckland:

  • The famed Bay of Islands offers isolated island getaways, sheltered sailing and pristine dive sites. Northland’s historic colonial homesteads, vineyards and turquoise watered bays are fringed by deep lush forest. Find out more >
  • The golden Coromandel Peninsula is picture-perfect with white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and emerald green forests. Find out more >
  • Towering tracts of ancient forest, steaming lakes and bubbling mud pools, rolling pasture, arid volcanic moonscapes and mountain snow-fed rivers plump with trout make up the North Island’s Central Plateau. Find out more >

Less than two hours from Auckland by plane:

  • The South Island’s famous alpine wonderland, pristine lakes, impressive glaciers, deep caves, aand grassy plains bisected by braided rivers. Find out more >