Jeff Gomez "Transmedia Storytelling" Masterclass

Published: 30 September 2014
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A one-day masterclass with the world’s foremost transmedia producer (Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Coca-Cola, the Colombian government...)

October 14Due to popular demand, the world's most successful transmedia producer returns to New Zealand to present his COMPLETELY UPDATED one-day Masterclass – which sells out at Kidscreen, Comic Con, the Games Developers Conference, MIT’s Future of Entertainment and other major media events all around the world.  In 2013, Jeff's Masterclasses sold out in Auckland and Wellington.

Jeff will candidly share his experience on projects of all sizes, with a specific focus on the New Zealand context. This Masterclass delivers practical, how-to training that will assist you to maximize the effectiveness of your projects, your business, and your brands using the vanguard technique of transmedia storytelling - no matter the size of your budget.

You will learn how to create intense loyalty and long-term engagement among audiences, communities, constituencies and consumers, and how to turn that into multiple revenue streams.

COMPLETELY UPDATED, Jeff's "Transmedia Storytelling" Masterclass includes never before seen examples of independent and solidly scaled transmedia endeavours in:

  • Entertainment
  • Factual Storytelling
  • Branding
  • Marketing + Advertising
  • Corporations
  • Public Policy
  • Social Good, and
  • Population Activation


  • 6-hour survey of best practices in multi-platform narrative creation.
  • Unique opportunity to spend a full day with the world’s Number One transmedia guru.
  • Practical hands-on training with a specific focus on the NEW ZEALAND context.
  • Learn how to write, design and create highly successful transmedia storyworlds – no matter the size of your budget.
  • Learn skills that you can apply to your business to increase revenue streams with transmedia storytelling – immediately.
  • Incredible networking opportunity with a gathering of New Zealand's leading transmedia producers and branding creatives.


The Masterclass will be presented in two parts and the day will include loads of networking opportunities.

  • Criteria for a successful Transmedia Storyworld
  • Established Brand + Story World Analysis + Deconstruction Techniques
  • Distinguishing Corporate Narratives, Brand Universes and Product Storyworlds
  • Writing for Transmedia
  • Franchise Mythologies
  • Third Party Relations: Branded Content, Sponsors, Technologies + Licensing
  • Production + Implementation
  • Population Activation
  • Criteria for an Evergreen Property

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Screen Professionals: producers, writers, directors, commissioners, cross-platform producers, distributors, policy makers, and investors - across the film, television, and digital media industries

Interactive Media Professionals: web developers and designers, mobile and app developers, games designers, multiplatform producers, and digital strategists.

Brand and Communications Professionals: advertising and marketing professionals and creatives, public relations professionals, social media strategists, branded content creators.

Publishing Professionals: publishers, authors, editors, agents, and commissioners.

Education Professionals: curriculum developers, instructional designers, professors and lecturers across advertising, screen, interactive and public policy.

Small Businesses: across a range of industries interested in building loyalty, growing customers and their revenue streams.

Not for Profits: interested in boosting community engagement, awareness and fundraising opportunities.

Educational Professionals: interested in increasing engagement and maximising their impact.


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