Siyamalan Subramanian

A Tranquil City is a compilation of thousands of images shot from May to September this year. Some of my favorite scenes were captured in the blue hour, with fading natural light mixing well with the city lights.

Published: 16 October 2014
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Siyamalan Subramanian

One of my most memorable experiences while making this time-lapse was capturing Auckland fog from Mount Eden. I was originally inspired to shoot the fog by a San Francisco time-lapse movie "Adrift". I wanted a foggy Auckland to be my title sequences, but fog itself is a rare occurrence for Auckland. It may happen between April and late August.

Whenever I see a fog forecast on Metservice, I would set an alarm to wake up to check if the forecast is still the same. Over the duration of making my time-lapse, I have been to Mt Eden for a good 25 times.

The day finally arrived on 14th July 2014. After seeing Metservice’s forecast heavy fog forecast, I left my home early morning. It was 4AM and I couldn’t see anything beyond 10m while driving due to fog. I wanted to be everywhere (Mt Victoria, Mt Eden, One Tree Hill) and finally settled for Mt Eden.

A still frame from my time-lapse sequence taken on 14th July 2014.



A helpful read about fog in New Zealand

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All the images were shot with Fujifilm X-T1.
My time-lapse equipment: Syrp Genie XF14mm F1.4 R XF35mm F1.4 R Samyang
12mm f/2.0 Samyang 85mm f/1.4.
Music Licensed composed by David Butler


From Auckland photography enthusiast: Siyamalan Subramanian