The Shannara Chronicles

Published: 20 July 2015
Filed under: Filmed in Auckland, Screen Auckland

Auckland’s growing screen industry has received fantastic global recognition with the US release of the first trailer for the 10-part television series The Shannara Chronicles, which is now in post-production after finishing filming in Auckland last month.

Following growing anticipation among the fans of Terry Brooks’ best-selling fantasy novels, the trailer for The Shannara Chronicles was revealed at the hugely influential Comic-Con International event in San Diego, California by its producers – MTV and Sonar Entertainment. It has already received world-wide media coverage and gone viral among the Shannara series’ huge fan base with more than 420,000 YouTube watches within hours of its release.

The specialist Screen Auckland team at Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) played a significant part in bringing The Shannara Chronicles to the region, and helped the production to make the most of both Auckland Film Studios and the region’s unique locations.

Screen Auckland manager Michael Brook congratulated The Shannara Chronicles’ producers on the publicity generated at Comic-Con: “We were delighted to help convince the producers to come to Auckland with a production that is worth tens of millions to our local economy. The project has employed more than 300 local crew and extras, and will add to our growing reputation as a screen production location.”

In the trailer, The Shannara Chronicles’ Executive Producer Jon Favreau says: “The talent that’s been assembled, the variety of locations, the beautiful backdrop of New Zealand – it really establishes the world of The Shannara Chronicles in a way that separates it from other genre tales.”

In his blogsite last month, Terry Brooks wrote: “I am in awe of the sets, both indoors and out, which are so much better than I had any right to hope for. I think the writers have done an incredible job with turning the book [The Elfstones of Shannara] into a TV series.”