Our services

Screen Auckland is the region’s screen office. Our expert knowledge can be invaluable for your screen project – whether it’s a feature film, animated gem, television commercial, television drama or documentary.

Our mandate is to:

  • market Auckland as an international film destination
  • facilitate information for the screen industry
  • provide advocacy and policy development
  • support industry capability and capacity
  • manage film permitting across the region.

Screen Auckland is a division of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), Auckland’s economic growth agency, which is an Auckland Council-controlled organisation.

Marketing Auckland

Auckland is a beautiful, vibrant, cosmopolitan city to live, work and film in. The screen industry makes a multi-billion-dollar annual contribution to the region’s economy, and employs thousands of Aucklanders directly and indirectly. Auckland’s Mayor is a strong advocate for making the region film friendly. Our job is to promote Auckland to screen professionals around the world, and attract more international production to Auckland’s screen and digital sector.

There are many ways we can help you – from undertaking location feasibility studies and developing a comparative budget, through to providing advice on seasons and introductions to the region’s screen industry professionals.

Facilitating information

Screen Auckland is a font of information for the screen industry – both international and domestic. Our huge depth of experience and knowledge includes: unrivalled crew and location scouting contacts:, how to liaise with local and central government authorities; immigration requirements; and logistics. We will provide informed and timely responses to your location and operational enquiries.

Advocacy and policy development

As advocates for the screen industry, we liaise with other Auckland Council group teams on location management policies and, when appropriate, speak on behalf of industry professionals. We liaise with local and central government on key issues for the screen industry including production incentives and infrastructure development.

Industry capability and capacity

Screen Auckland is a focal point for initiatives that develop industry capability within the Auckland region. We want to strategically grow the industry and facilitate relationship building within the screen, digital and production industry, including education and training institutes. With our contacts and expertise, we are well placed to identify and leverage opportunities for growing the sector.


Screen Auckland manages the application and processing of film permits on Auckland Council-owned public open space. Screen Auckland also works with other council-controlled organisations such as Auckland Transport and Panuku Development Auckland when required.