Utilities, business services and production logistics

You’ll find that production logistics throughout New Zealand are remarkably easy.

Auckland has an established, comprehensive supply network with many local companies experienced at supplying the film industry and in handling the exacting demands of producers and production crews.

Contact Screen Auckland to discuss your logistic requirements. We are connected to a network of experienced line producers and location managers who can provide the support you need.

Accounting and financial services

Global accounting and financial management companies have offices in Auckland. We can connect you with experienced accountants who specialise in screen productions and New Zealand’s incentive system.


New Zealand’s modern banking system is simpler than many others globally. You can set up accounts and liaise with bank staff experienced in meeting the screen industry’s needs.

Line producers are familiar with budgets in international currencies and skilled in all aspects of foreign exchange.

Couriers and international freight

International couriers such as DHL, Fedex, TNT and UPS operate to and from Auckland.

New Zealand-based Xtreme freight forwarders and couriers provide a specialist door-to-door national and international service tailored to film-makers’ special needs.

Numerous courier companies provide same-day and overnight services within New Zealand.


New Zealand operates 240-volt power.

  • Output plugs are easily adapted for international appliances and voltage converters are readily available
  • Most laptops’ multi power systems will operate in New Zealand without modification
  • Unit or base camp generators are 3-phase and available in industry standard sizes
  • Some locations in Auckland’s CBD can also provide 3-phase power from the mains. Water supply for rain-machines is available throughout the CBD and suburbs. Water tankers are commonly hired for film shoots.


Auckland's telecommunications infrastructure provides fast, secure broadband connections between post-production companies and their clients.