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We are the only school in the Auckland area offering the whole package of Healthcare Diploma's (Level-5, Level-6 & Level-7). We also offer programmes in English to International Students. AGI is a Private Training Establishment (PTE)  registered with and accredited by New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA).
AGI Education

Courses and Programmes

We are offering the Diploma in Healthcare Studies Level-5 and Diploma in Healthcare Management with 100% guarantee of clinical placement.

Diploma in Health (Applied Management) (Advanced) Level-7 is also the key programme we are offering to international students.

We  have established strong links with local providers and stakeholders to ensure our students learn the practical skills they require to be successful. We feel proud to share the success stories of our graduates and we also achieved 90% plus employment outcome.


Level 1, 2 Chancery Street, Auckland CBD