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Aspiring Language Institute is a small private training establishment, offering English tuition to international students coming from different places in the world to New Zealand to improve their English communication skills and also for those ones on a holiday or working and seek studying English in the meantime.
Aspiring Language Institute

Our Institute offers a high level of personal attention to students who are treated as individuals and encouraged to develop their English skills to the best of their ability.

With over 25 years of experience and whether you are here to study or on holiday, we assure you that studying at Aspiring Language Institute will an unforgettable lifelong experience

Our Mission Statement:
Learning a foreign language can be an integral part of an individual's economic and social future. We dedicate ourselves to maintaining the highest teaching standards and levels of pastoral care for our students to help them achieve their individual goals and prepare them for a promising future.

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The programme at Aspiring Language Institute is carefully designed to progressively advance learners at any level. It will suit those who wish to improve their confidence and ability with everyday communication along with those who require more academic content that will be useful for work or study purposes. This can include intensive IELTS training. We also provide academic support classes and weekly workshops for learners who would like a little extra help or practice.

The learning is text-based, but involves creative, supplementary input from highly qualified teachers using a variety of delivery methods that cater for learners with varying learning styles. Our multi-national learners are treated as individuals in a truly encouraging environment and progress is carefully monitored to provide evidence of ongoing success.

Aspiring Language Institute is located at the heart of Auckland CBD, in the famous Queen Street - the main street of the city - where you will find everything you can think of, i.e. restaurants, banks, supermarkets, clothing stores, shopping malls, pubs, and so on. The school is minutes walk from the symbolic Sky Tower and many more other attractions

Aspiring Language Institute provides you with modern facilities that will make you feel more comfortable while you are studying with us, such as:

  • Equipped Classrooms with everything you need in your English learning process
  • We will provide you with computer lab with internet access Monday to Friday 9:00 to 21:00
  • Wireless Internet
  • Equipped Kitchen and Dining Room
  • High definition T.V set with DVD player and a big selection of movies
  • Coffee Machine, Vending Machine and Free Tea
  • Student ID card (Up to 40% off from all buses in Auckland)
  • Library with books and DVDs
  • Theater room