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Thousands of students from around the world have chosen CCEL and have learned English with us since 1991. CCEL is the official English language centre for the University of Canterbury, and is one of the leading English language schools in New Zealand.

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Located in the heart of Auckland’s city centre, CCEL Auckland is surrounded by restaurants, movie theatres and great shopping. At CCEL Auckland you can enjoy studying in a vibrant city atmosphere.

CCEL Auckland features include:

  • Smaller class sizes (maximum of 10 students per class)
  • Day and Evening Classes
  • Self-study centre
  • Student and kitchen lounge
  • 12 modern classrooms
  • Access to CCEL eLearning


Courses available at CCEL Auckland include:

  • General English DAY Classes
  • General English EVENING Classes
  • Business English
  • IELTS Exam Preparation
  • Cambridge Exam Preparation
  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) - Pathway to UC and UCIC


Level 7, 155 Queen Street Auckland Central


  • How quickly will my level of English improve?

    You will be given a placement test on the first day of your course and placed in a class with other students at the same level. Assessment is continuous throughout the course and you will have a test every 6 weeks and receive individual progress reports. Each student is different but a general guideline on the time it takes to progress through the levels (based on 25 hours of tuition per week) is:

    • Beginner to Elementary (Level 1-2) - 2 months 
    • Elementary to Pre Intermediate (Level 2-3) - 3 to 4 months 
    • Pre intermediate to Intermediate (Level 3-4) - 3 to 4 months
    • Intermediate to Upper Intermediate (Level 4-5) - 6 months 
    • Upper Intermediate to Advanced (Level 6) - 6 months
  • Can I study for a longer time if I want to?

    Many students decide to stay at CCEL longer than they had originally planned. Some also upgrade their course to exam preparation during their stay. If you want to extend your course it is very easy and our Sales Team will help you with all the information you need.

  • Can I move between the two CCEL schools?

    Yes, it is easy to transfer between the two schools. You just need to talk to someone in the administration team and they will help to transfer the remainder of your course to the other school. There is no extra fee to transfer between the schools unless you want an airport transfer when you arrive or extra homestay in the new city. If you need us to arrange homestay in the new city, you must give 2 weeks’ notice that you want to transfer.

  • Can I change course once I have started studying?

    It is usually easy to change your course while you are at CCEL. You can talk to someone in the Academic Team about this. They will check with you whether your level is suitable for the course, if your enrolment is long enough and if it matches with your English needs.

  • Can CCEL help me prepare for university study?

    The Academic Team is available to discuss your study plans and to advise you on university entry requirements. CCEL's partnership with the University of Canterbury (UC) and UC International College (UCIC) means you can enter UCIC and UC programmes without requiring IELTS, provided you meet their academic requirements.

  • What happens on my first day?

    On your first day please come to CCEL Reception at 8.45 am. You will take a placement test to assess your level of English. After that you will have a campus tour followed by a student orientation meeting. After the 1-hour lunch break you will learn about CCEL classes and be given your timetable. If you have enrolled for a specialist course such as EAP or Cambridge Exam Preparation, you will be placed in your class directly and you will have an orientation sometime during your first day. Bring your passport and your certificate of medical and travel insurance (English translation) so we can take a copy for your student record. Q: If my English is not good, who will help me?

  • If my English is not good, who will help me?

    At CCEL you will find plenty of people to help you including your teacher and the administration staff. We also have some people who can give you specialised help: Student counsellors can help you in your own language. They are available by appointment. The counsellors have been selected because they have lived in New Zealand for a long period of time, and have an excellent understanding of the New Zealand culture and how students will adapt to it. The Academic Team is available to discuss your study plans and to advise you on entry requirements to university and other tertiary level study options in New Zealand. You can also get advice about extra study you can do to help improve your level of English.

  • Can I use the internet at CCEL?

    Yes, students have free Wi-Fi internet access on campus. There are also computers available for students to use.

  • Where will I live while I’m studying?

    You can choose to live in a homestay, in student residence accommodation or go flatting with other students. Our staff can give you more information on accommodation options if you don't want to live in homestay. There is a noticeboard on campus advertising flats in Christchurch and Auckland. Living with a homestay family is a great way to practise your English in everyday situations while becoming more confident about living in a new country. We recommend this when you first come to New Zealand and if you require homestay you need to send CCEL your enrolment form at least 2 weeks before your starting date.

  • What is a homestay like?

    At your homestay you will have a single room with a bed, a desk, a wardrobe, and a heater. Your host family will provide you with dinner and breakfast each day, and three meals at the weekends and during New Zealand holidays. CCEL's host families are carefully chosen for their comfortable homes and their caring attitude towards students. Your student handbook will give you more information about homestay and adapting to life in New Zealand.

  • What can I do in my free time and at the weekends?

    There are a lot of things you can do in and around Auckland. You can enjoy movie theatres, beaches, sports facilities, shopping malls, parks and gardens, art galleries and tourist activities. CCEL also has organised weekend activities which take students to some of New Zealand's most beautiful scenic attractions.

  • Does the school organise activities?

    Yes, three or four days a week we have activities and trips outside school hours. See the student Experience page for details. Also check out our Facebook page to see more.

  • Is CCEL a Category 1 school?

    Yes, CCEL is an NZQA Category 1 school. This means our full-time students doing a course of 14 weeks or more can get work rights on their Student Visa.