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​Studying at Pakuranga College is more than an education, it’s a lifestyle!
Pakuranga College

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  • Quiet, desirable, residential suburb with high quality housing
  • Spacious grounds, lush green environment
  • Close to beautiful beaches, parks and excellent shopping malls
  • Only 30 minutes from Auckland’s CBD


  • NCEA percentage pass rates above the NZ national average at all levels
  • 2010 Young New Zealander Of The Year, Dr Divya Dhar - ex Pakuranga College student
  • 2010 Auckland University Young Alumna Of The Year, Dr Jessie Jacobsen - ex Pakuranga College student

Co-Curricular Opportunities

  • Wide range of sports, including football, basketball, rugby, hockey, cycling, tennis, badminton, golf
  • Extensive cultural programme encompassing all aspects of dance, drama and music

Special Features

  • Outstanding facilities including modern classrooms, science laboratories and heated swimming pool
  • Wide range of subject choice and many options within each subject area
  • Media suite with full television studio and UHF TV channel
  • Outdoor Education programme includes sailing, kayaking, mountain biking & rock climbing
  • Extensive use of Information and Communication Technology
  • Comprehensive Art programme includes photography, 
  • Students able to multi-level to accelerate learning
  • ESOL at all levels
  • School uniform worn by Years 9-12.  No uniform worn by Year 13

Homestay and School Support

  • All students placed in quality homestays.
  • Students are carefully matched to each homestay family
  • Dedicated Homestay Co-ordinator on call 24/7 who regularly visits and checks all homes
  • Full time Director of International Students who knows each student personally
  • International student numbers are limited so a high quality service can be maintained
  • Regular reporting back to parents
  • School reports are issued 3 times per year and emailed or posted to parents overseas
  •  All students have email and internet access

Student Profile (2011)

  • Total number of students 2,115
  • Total number of international students 90
  • International students in 2011 come from: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam

Testimonials From Past & Present International Students

Mudita Gangaketu, Thailand, Y13, 2010/11 : “Being here is one of the best experiences ever.”

Georg Schmidt, Austria, Y13, 2010 : “I was surprised by the huge variety of sports offered at this college.  It is a wonderful school for an international year.  Recommended.”

Natsumi Kohjoh, Japan, Y12, 2010 : “They have taught me that learning and using English and living outside my own country is exciting.  Everyday was a very precious memory for me.  I will never forget this whole year.”

Doo Sung Hong, Korea, Y13, 2008 on acceptance to USA aeronautical college for pilot training : “I made it to university in USA!  I have been admitted to the one I really wanted to go to!  Thank you very much for what you did while I was in Pakuranga College.  I would not have been able to make it without you.”


Physical Address
Pigeon Mountain Road, Pakuranga, Auckland, Auckland

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