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​Rosmini College is a state-integrated Catholic school that effectively promotes a “caring and learning” ethos while delivering outstanding academic results.
Rosmini College

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Located on Auckland’s safe and friendly North Shore, Rosmini College is affirmed as one of its leading achievers: this includes academic and sporting prowess. Music and Art continue to flourish. Rosmini delivers to boys a wide range of learning opportunities and maintains a commitment to enhancing leadership and community service awareness. It has a very positive tone, centred around good leadership, sound discipline, excellence in standards expected of all, and a focus on boys’ learning. There is a strong demand for places in the college, exemplifying the high regard in which Rosmini is held in the community.

The key purpose and activity of any school is the provision of learning that promotes the highest academic achievement and the development of vocational and technical skills, but for a Catholic school like Rosmini this is only part of the totality of education.

Education in its broadest sense is concerned with life-long inner growth, achieving personal wholeness and integrity, and the development of personal gifts and creativity. Schooling is only a phase in this process, but a vitally important one.

Antonio Rosmini, whose precepts on education we follow here at Rosmini College, felt that the pursuit and possession of truth for its own sake were of inestimable importance. Not all study has to be at the service of some utilitarian purpose. Simply to know is sufficient justification for study.

As individuals we are enriched by what we know and in this way we grow as human beings and achieve maturity. Thus it is vital that education does not just attend to the disciplines of academic and technical training but also to the moral and spiritual needs of the individual pupil.

Our aim, therefore, at Rosmini College is to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our pupils, while pursing academic excellence. In so doing we so prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

We cannot, however, do this in isolation. We need the active support of the whole Rosminian community, for only by working together will we succeed in producing educated, responsible, self-disciplined young men. Rosmini provide tuition for up to about sixty international students, spread across all year levels (ages 13 to 18).

We welcome the cultural diversity that international students bring to our college. Our ESOL Director and teachers work to support international students and ensure their happy integration into student life in New Zealand. Besides offering individual and small group tuition in English, each student has access to excellent computer and audio visual facilities. Personal e-mail is freely available enabling students to maintain easy and frequent contact with home.

Students are assessed on arrival and placed according to their level of competence. ESOL classes are available as part of the tuition fees.

We are sure, that in the words of some of our past international students, that your son too will find that “ROSMINI COLLEGE IS THE BEST!”


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36 Dominion Street, Takapuna, Auckland

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