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St Heliers is a full primary school, Years 1 to 8, with students aged 5 to 13 years that strives for excellence, aiming to guide and nurture each student to reach their potential in all areas of school life.​
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St Heliers School is located in the heart of one of Auckland’s premium suburbs. Just twenty minutes from Auckland’s central business district, St Heliers has a family friendly village like atmosphere revolving around its beautiful beaches and parks.

Our website provides details of our comprehensive curriculum and newly extended facilities. However, the best test of the quality of education we provide is how many local parents choose to send their children to our school. Our school is very popular and many families move into the area in order to attend St Heliers School.

We do, however, encourage international students to enrol as we recognise that our children live in an increasingly multi-cultural world. Having hosted students from countries such as Korea, China, Thailand, Holland, Singapore, Sweden, Italy and Japan, we have seen first-hand how hosting international students is a great opportunity to develop respect, knowledge and understanding of different cultures for both the international students and our local students.

A high quality International Students’ Programme is provided, with Pastoral Care and two specialist ESOL teachers (English for Speakers of Other Languages) to ensure that students we host are comfortable with language and culture.

Each year we host events that celebrate international diversity such as international concerts and food festivals. We even have a business liaison programme that enables our international students to visit major New Zealand business hosted by some of our parents who often hold senior positions in these companies.

We are proud of the experience we offer international students and encourage you to visit our website for more detail.


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126 St Heliers Bay Road, Auckland

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