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Situated on stunning Waiheke Island, a popular tourist paradise well known for its beauty and quality of life.
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Waiheke High School is located on beautiful Waiheke Island, a popular tourist destination, 35 minutes by ferry from downtown Auckland. Waiheke Island is well known for its marine environment. School facilities include modern computer suites, metal and woodwork rooms, art and drama rooms, a music suite and extensive sports facilities.

Academic Programme

The school places great importance on student achievement at all levels and on academic, cultural and personal development.  


The SeaSports Academy provides experience and qualifications in areas such as Snorkelling, Sea Kayaking, Sailing and Paddle Boarding to name just a few.  Entry is by application only.

Adventure Tourism

Students will engage in various outdoor activities such as Tramping, Rock Climbing, Orienteering and Sea Kayaking.  This course focuses on the development of skills and knowledge through outdoor practical sessions.


Our Viticulture course is ideally suited for those interested in the science and production of grapes.  Waiheke Island has 30 vineyards scattered across the Island.  Students will get firsthand knowledge and experience caring for the vines that produce some award winning wines.

Student Welfare

Waiheke High School has a broad based curriculum that encourages academic excellence.  In addition individual attention in smaller classes produces a high degree of success in external examinations.

Structured English lessons and pastoral support systems reflect our commitment to International Students.  ESOL lessons are with a specialist teacher and some in-class support is available for students requiring assistance in main stream classes.


International Students live in homestay accommodation with families who are carefully selected by the Manager of International Students.  Our International students enjoy living in our outstanding environment and experiencing all that Waiheke Island and Auckland have to offer.


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11 Donald Bruce Road, Waiheke Island, Auckland

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  • Phone: +64 9 372 8938 ext 842

  • Fax: +64 9 372 5474

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