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Dedicated to meeting the academic, emotional, physical and social needs of emerging adolescents.
Wairau Intermediate School

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Wairau Intermediate School prides itself on the academic and sporting opportunities that it provides for all its students. We have small student population on large, well resourced grounds. We enjoy a fantastic relationship with many international schools and welcome all international students. We are well equipped to ensure that their time here is successful and enjoyable. The layout of our classrooms matches current educational theory and practices. We have been successfully following this model for over 30 years. This model encourages self management and successful, independent learners. We offer a well balanced curriculum and a huge variety of learning opportunities outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to set goals so that they will succeed in all they set their mind to. In a rapidly changing world, we aim to teach our students skills that will be helpful in their future as well as successful today. Our students regularly gain honours, both regional and nationally. Many go on to represent New Zealand internationally.

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Wairau Intermediate School provides a well balanced curriculum. In a world that is becoming focused largely on Numeracy and Literacy results, we believe that a student will be successful if they are well rounded young people. To that end, as well as delivering an exceptional Numeracy and Literacy programme, we have an extensive Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC) programme, significant importance is still placed on Physical Education and where many technology departments focus only on the design aspect, our fully equipped technology department still allows students to produce their own products.

Wairau Intermediate School is located on the North Shore of Auckland. We host a small student population of about 300 students, on large landscaped grounds that provide plenty of outdoor, all weather facilities for the enjoyment of all who attend Wairau Intermediate. We have many short term international groups who come to us anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 term for a kiwi school experience. Currently we host 9 international students but have in the past welcomed up to 45.


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113 Becroft Drive Forrest Hill,

North Shore, Auckland 0620



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