Understanding and managing business impacts

Auckland will be busy during The 36th America’s Cup, with crowds and increased traffic likely to cause disruption to normal travel routines. This may have an impact on businesses in the city centre, in particular the Eastern Viaduct, Wynyard Quarter or downtown areas, where road closures, parking restrictions and delays will be in place from late morning to late afternoon on high-impact race days.

It's important to note that many days during the racing period from December to March will be 'business as usual' with event-related road closures and parking restrictions largely felt on race days where a high level of public interest is anticipated. The best place for detailed traffic and transport information related to the 36th America's Cup is Auckland Transport's official America's Cup Event Page. 

Planning to manage impacts

As is often the case with major events, transport routes will be busy and parking will be limited during the 36th America's Cup. Businesses can stay up to date with real-time updates about traffic and transport changes which may impact staff by checking Auckland Transport's official America's Cup event page and downloading the AT Mobile App, where live updates and push notifications will be shared.

Depending on location and staff commuting and parking habits, the following tips may help businesses manage potential disruption:  

  • Businesses in road closure areas (i.e. Eastern Viaduct, Wynyard Quarter or downtown) may consider scheduling service deliveries, couriers, pickups and drops offs before the roads close or after they re-open.
  • Encouraging your team to use the AT Mobile App and plan their journeys to and from work well in advance,
  • Using your company intranet or noticeboard to facilitate ridesharing sign-ups or share key updates,  
  • If it’s feasible, enabling flexible working arrangements such as staggered start times, job share or split shifts on high-impact days,  
  • Encouraging carpooling and taking alternative routes which avoid areas of heavy congestion, 
  • Encouraging the uptake of walking and cycling in creative ways, such as a step challenge or workplace cycling group. 
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