Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) brings together a broad range of activities to develop Auckland’s economy, for a cohesive approach to lifting the region’s economic well-being.

We do this as part of the Auckland Council family – one of six council-controlled organisations (CCOs) specialising in our areas of expertise – and working with a range of partners. The council monitors the performance of CCOs, which are wholly-owned subsidiaries governed by their own boards but accountable to the council.

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The plans we work to

Our economic growth agency exists to help the city realise its long-term aims under the Auckland Plan. This contains transformational shifts the city must make, and the outcomes ATEED must focus on, to enable sustainable growth.

We are charged with delivering key parts of Auckland’s Economic Development Strategy, which outlines what will be done to achieve these shifts. It highlights stronger collaboration, building business capability and attracting talent. Higher export levels and better international connections are high on the agenda.

ATEED’s business plan supports our contribution to the overall strategy and is based on the following plans:


Who we work with




A collaborative approach is vital to success, for Auckland and for us. At ATEED, we work closely with our Council family and external groups.
Along with Auckland Council, we work with its other CCOs (particularly Panuku Development Auckland, Regional Facilities Auckland and Auckland Transport) and local boards.

Our external partners, sponsors and wide network of contacts includes:

  • Independent Māori Statutory Board and advisory panels
  • central government, particularly the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Callaghan Innovation
  • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
  • Tourism New Zealand and tourism providers
  • Education New Zealand and education providers
  • research and development groups
  • private sector and industry organisations and businesses.


Key documents

Information on ATEED’s work and results can be found in the documents that set out our strategy and activities, and measure our performance – including the Statement of Intent (SOI) and our Annual Report.

ATEED is legally required each year to deliver an SOI to the council, detailing our intentions over the next three years and the objectives to which we contribute.

The Annual Report tells how well we did against the key performance indicators in our SOI. The report also includes financial statements.

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