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Auckland Council Trade Delegation to Guangzhou



Auckland Council Trade Delegation to Guangzhou

8-10 November 2017

Acknowledgement and acceptance of terms

Please note that any reference to Auckland Council in this document includes its CCOs, Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development, Panuku Development Auckland, Regional Facilities Auckland, Auckland Council Investments Ltd, and the Independent Maori Statutory Board (IMSB)), its personnel and authorised providers. If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact

Conduct of delegates

All delegates must conduct themselves in a professional manner, having regard to the spirit and intent of the trade delegation to Guangzhou. To promote the safety and security of all delegates on the delegation, each delegate also agrees they will, at all times during the trade delegation to Guangzhou, comply with all reasonable directions given by Auckland Council delegation officials. In addition, all delegates must attend a relevant pre-departure briefing as notified by Auckland Council.

Acknowledgement of risk and responsibility

All delegates must make their own assessment regarding the appropriateness and risk of travel to any destination, and each delegate acknowledges that their attendance and participation in the trade delegation to Guangzhou is undertaken entirely at their own risk in all respects. All the destinations and locations on the Trade Delegation to Guangzhou are considered secure and Auckland Council will therefore not provide any security arrangements for the delegates.  However, please note that delegates are responsible for the security of their persons and property at all times. Auckland Council will not be responsible for any claims for theft, loss or damage to property, or for illness or personal injury. Delegates agree to reimburse Auckland Council for any emergency assistance extended by Auckland Council to delegates. 

All delegates must hold and maintain travel and other appropriate insurances in connection with attendance at, and participation in, the trade delegation to Guangzhou. Auckland Council is not responsible for providing or organising first aid or medical assistance. 

Auckland Council may change the content, itinerary, timing or any other aspect of the trade delegation to Guangzhou without notice and without liability or obligation to refund any monies to any delegate. Auckland Council also reserves the right to cancel the trade delegation to Guangzhou for any reason, including reasons of safety, security or any other factors outside of Auckland Council’s control.

Each delegate acknowledges that they are responsible for any impact the trade delegation to Guangzhou may have on their own business interests and accepts full responsibility for any and all of the business and organisational outcomes arising from their attendance and participation in the trade delegation to Guangzhou. Auckland Council is organising the trade delegation to Guangzhou to facilitate the objectives previously outlined. Each delegate acknowledges that Auckland Council makes no representations or warranties as to the impact that the trade delegation to Guangzhou will have on any delegates’ business interests. Each delegate agrees that Auckland Council is not liable or responsible for any commercial endeavours or outcomes of any party that participates in the trade delegation to Guangzhou.  

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Auckland Council shall have no liability whatsoever to the delegate, the delegate’s organisation, or to any third party, for any direct, indirect, consequential or special loss of profit, revenue or business opportunity, damage to reputation, or reimbursement of abortive or cancellation expenses, or any other financial loss suffered by the delegate, or for any sickness, illness or personal injury, distress or death, arising directly or indirectly in connection with the delegate’s participation (or non-participation) in the trade delegation to Guangzhou. The limitations and exclusions of Auckland Council’s liability apply to any liability of Auckland Council, however arising, whether in contract, tort, negligence or under any other legal principle, to the maximum extent permitted by law.


Each delegate indemnifies and holds Auckland Council harmless against any issues and all liabilities, expenses, losses, damages and costs (including client/solicitor costs on a full indemnity basis) suffered or incurred by Auckland Council arising out of or in connection with the delegate’s participation (or non-participation) in the trade delegation to Guangzhou and any wrongful, reckless or negligent act of the delegate, their representatives or legations or the breach by the delegate of any of their obligations set out in these Terms and Conditions, including costs, losses, expenses, damages or liabilities arising out of or in connection with any sickness, illness, personal injury or death suffered by the delegate, notwithstanding any sole or contributory negligence or breach of duty by Auckland Council. 

Information obligations

Each delegate acknowledges that its activities may affect the goodwill and reputation of the Principal, and accordingly agrees to immediately provide Auckland Council with the following information:

a)    any events or circumstances that could impact on the trade delegation or which could receive adverse publicity or media attention; 

b)    details of connections made; deals completed; increase in revenue and/or profits; number of jobs created; partnership agreements; investment; and any other outcomes to the business as requested; and

c)    complete and accurate responses to surveys or other feedback requests including but not limited to details of financial and other business outcomes for a period of up to 36 months following the trade delegation to Guangzhou.

Reimbursement of Expenses

Auckland Council is under no obligation to incur expenses on behalf of any delegate however in the event that Auckland Council does incur any costs, charges or expenses at the request of or on behalf of any delegate that delegate must reimburse Auckland Council for the full amount of such costs, charges or expenses (including any taxes) within 20 days of request by Auckland Council.


You may not assign, novate or transfer these Terms nor any right or obligation under them without our written agreement.

Each delegate undertakes not to post on websites, social networking sites or otherwise make public communications (including statements, interviews, media coverage) about the trade delegation to Guangzhou, these Terms or Auckland Council in a way which brings, or would be likely to bring, Auckland Council into disrepute.

New Zealand’s anti-bribery laws apply in New Zealand and overseas. Please note that Auckland Council will not include any party suspected of, or involved in, bribery as a delegate in the trade delegation to Guangzhou, and we will report such incidences to relevant government authorities.

These Terms are governed by the laws of New Zealand.

Acceptance of terms

To confirm your acknowledgement and acceptance of the information and terms in this document (in its entirety), please click the terms and conditions check box. Inclusion as a delegate in the trade delegation to Guangzhou will not be approved without acceptance of this form.

Competition Terms and Conditions
  • Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development retain the right to change the Terms and Conditions.
  • If any event/prize is amended/cancelled out of our own control, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development hold the right to amend/cancel the competition.
  • Entry is open to anyone except employees of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) and their immediate families.
  • Prizes do not include travel to and from the venues or any additional funds. Collection of the prize is the responsibility of the winner.
  • The prizes cannot be transferred, exchanged, on sold or redeemed for cash.
  • The promoter is Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development, Level 8, 139 Quay Street, Auckland 1010
  • Winner must make contact by private message with their details within 24 hours or the competition will be redrawn.
  • Prizes – There are 4 prizes to be won, 1 prize pack for each of the teams participating in the SKYCITY Auckland Double Header – Wests Tigers, Vodafone Warriors, North Queensland Toyota Cowboys and Melbourne Storm.  Winner will be announced on Thursday 14 November.
    • Prize 1 – Wests Tigers – Lenco Flat Peak Cap and Courtside Singlet – Size M
    • Prize 2 – Vodafone Warriors – Lenco Flat Peak Cap and Courtside Singlet – Size L
    • Prize 3 – North Queensland Toyota Cowboys – Lenco Flat Peak Cap and Courtside Singlet – Size L
    • Prize 4 – Melbourne Storm – Lenco Flat Peak Cap and Courtside Singlet – Size L