Attracting overseas businesses and investors will create jobs and increase the supply of capital in Auckland.

Our economy benefits from that capital being channelled into innovation, major infrastructure development and business expansion in industries where Auckland is globally competitive.

In driving Auckland’s efforts to attract foreign direct investment, ATEED focuses on:

  • identifying opportunities in our advanced industries that will appeal to multinational companies and investors
  • showcasing Auckland’s most dynamic sectors and infrastructure opportunities; we team up with other agencies, international partner cities and industry organisations for initiatives such as trade missions
  • running a highly targeted programme to engage and assist the top multinational companies already here
  • growing Auckland’s screen production industry – our Screen Auckland team works hard to attract major international and domestic feature films and television productions.

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Current projects and initiatives include




GridAKL is helping Auckland become an innovation hub of the Asia-Pacific region, as part of the Auckland Innovation Plan. Opened in 2014, the GridAKL precinct brings together more than 70 technology companies in the same area of Auckland’s waterfront. 

The precinct is one of the most key examples of ATEED’s focus on developing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship to drive business growth. Our project partners, BizDojo, Generator and The Icehouse, run GridAKL’s day-to-day operations.

When all construction is complete in 2022, GridAKL is forecast to contribute $450 million in GDP to the Auckland economy annually.

The Aroha Auckland programme is showing huge potential for helping to grow jobs and investment in the region by actively managing aftercare services for top companies that set up here.

The programme promotes regular engagement with the top multinational companies and investors in Auckland, ensuring businesses are supported by the council and are encouraged to expand within the Auckland region. There are more than 80 companies in the programme, with ATEED investment specialists helping to meet their needs.