Our Study Auckland team promotes Auckland as a world-class destination for international students, and helps students enjoy a positive learning experience in our city.

The team is tasked with advocating for and growing Auckland’s international education sector.

Key objectives:

  • to grow the economic and social benefits of hosting international students
  • to support international education providers in delivering a quality experience for students in Auckland
  • to be the key support and coordination agency for Auckland’s export education sector.

Why international education matters

With more than 400 schools, institutes and universities, Auckland is the preferred destination in New Zealand for international students. Promoting and growing our city’s international education sector creates benefits that extend well beyond our education providers, including:

  • growing economic activity, productivity and employment as our international students purchase local goods and services
  • creating better education and innovation outcomes through higher levels of funding, knowledge sharing, and student diversity
  • attracting skilled talent, when qualified international students choose to stay and work in Auckland after studying
  • increasing tourism as friends and relatives visit
  • generating greater brand advocacy and marketing reach, as students share their experiences with friends and relatives
  • building greater international awareness and connectedness as international students develop personal, research and business links while they study.

Long-term benefits

Auckland Unlimited’s Study Auckland team works with partners and key stakeholders to maximise the long-term benefits international education brings to the region, by:

  • positioning Auckland as a centre of excellence to attract students who will make a valuable contribution to Auckland as graduates and permanent residents
  • delivering outstanding student experiences, both in education and lifestyle
  • creating better pathways into high-value jobs
  • building lasting connections by developing alumni networks to keep Auckland top-of-mind among graduates who leave.
Current projects and initiatives include

Working with Education New Zealand, we’ve created an Auckland International Education Leadership Group. Together we’ve developed a programme to look at Auckland’s high growth areas and identify the skills-gap within them that New Zealand-trained international students could fill. This group also reviews the capacity for growth of Auckland’s international education providers.


Part of our role at Auckland Unlimited is to help grow Auckland’s international education sector and advocate on the behalf of education providers.
If you’re a provider or agent, you can access our free tools and resources.

Key contacts

Henry Matthews
Manager International Education - Study Auckland
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