Founding members of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), New Zealand will host APEC 2021, the largest event ever hosted by the New Zealand Government

APEC 2021 involves a year-long programme of meeting clusters in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, culminating in Leaders' Week in Auckland from 8-14 November 2021.

Hosting APEC is a once every 20 years investment and opportunity for New Zealand. With 10,000 attendees expected for Leaders' Week alone, APEC 2021 will bring World Leaders, Ministers of Trade and Foreign Affairs, CEOs, youth, business leaders and international media from the 21 APEC economies and around the world to our shores. 

The focus of APEC's work is connecting and integrating economies within the Asia-Pacific region so it is easier to do business within and between them. APEC does this by providing a forum for Leaders, Minister and Officials to meet, share experiences, and develop best practices and shared norms for trade and economic policy.

The APEC region is central to New Zealand’s efforts to secure our future prosperity. In 2019, 73% of New Zealand’s exported goods and services went to APEC economies and APEC includes 14 of New Zealand’s top 20 markets. By 2021, APEC economies will account for 61% of global GDP. 

APEC 2021 in Auckland


All eyes will be on Auckland in 2021, no more so than during APEC Leaders’ Week in November. 

APEC 2021 will be a unique opportunity to showcase Auckland as an innovative, globally-connected city on the world stage, connect Auckland businesses with international visitors and identify where APEC 2021 can act as a catalyst for the city's strategic goals and objectives. 

The city is investing in infrastructure projects to support its growth and Auckland's most significant year of major events in 2021, including works that will leave Auckland with a world-class waterfront. 

APEC 2021 meeting clusters in Auckland include:

  • August - September 2021 - Third Senior Officials Meeting (SOM3) and Food Security Week
  • September 2021 - Women and Economy Forum
  • November 2021 - Leaders' Week 

See a full timeline of APEC 2021 here

Event delivery 

The APEC 2021 Programme is collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders and partners including multiple central government agencies, local government (including Auckland Council organisations), Auckland Airport, iwi, private sector and non-government organisations. 

Auckland Council has established an APEC 2021 Auckland Executive Steering Group and a dedicated team to work closely with Central Government’s APEC 2021 Programme to plan and prepare Auckland for the hosting of APEC meetings.

Auckland successfully hosted APEC Leaders’ Week in 1999 and since that time has built an enviable reputation for hosting a diverse range of global major events, effectively showcasing the city, delivering an outstanding experience for visitors and leaving a favourable, lasting impression. We are confident APEC events in 2021 will build on this.

Want to learn more on the meeting? Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade's APEC 2021 website