Why is New Zealand hosting APEC 2021?
New Zealand is one of the 21 APEC member economies and as such has the opportunity to host APEC approximately once every 20 years, as do all the member economies. We last hosted in 1999. It is the only international forum where New Zealand has the opportunity to host so many world leaders at the same time.

What is APEC for – what does it actually do?
APEC stands for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. The focus of APEC’s work is connecting the economies within the Asia-Pacific regions to make it easier for them to do business. APEC helps businesses by making the rules around exporting easier. In this way, APEC helps New Zealand companies to trade and our economy to grow.

What are the benefits of hosting APEC 2021?
APEC 2021 will provide an opportunity to connect Auckland and New Zealand businesses to international visitors, fostering new business and driving economic growth. It will also be a forum to advance New Zealand’s policy objectives and pursue other outcomes that are helpful to New Zealand’s international trade, economic, political and development objectives. On top of that it is an opportunity to showcase New Zealand and Auckland to the world.

How long does APEC 2021 last?
APEC 2021 actually consists of clusters of meetings held over 12 months in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The main focus of APEC 2021 will be Leaders’ Week in Auckland from 8-14 November 2021. Approximately 18,000 – 22,000 people are expected to visit New Zealand during the year for APEC 2021 meetings about half of these during Leaders’ Week.

What parts of APEC 2021 will be held in Auckland?
Auckland will host several APEC meetings in the second half of 2021 including the third of three Senior Officials Meetings, Food Security Week and a Women and Economy Forum. The city will also host Leaders' Week from 8-14 November. Leaders' Week includes the Concluding Senior Officials Meeting, an APEC Ministerial Meeting, Voices of the Future youth conference, APEC Business Advisory Council Meeting, APEC CEO Summit and the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting.

Won’t APEC Leaders’ Week be a major disruption for Aucklanders?
For 3-4 days during the week of 8-14 November in 2021, Aucklanders may experience some road closures as 20 Leaders arrive, attend APEC and then depart. To help Auckland residents and businesses plan ahead and ensure they are well prepared, we will provide them with plenty of clear and helpful information well in advance of Leaders’ Week. This was achieved successfully the last time Auckland hosted Leaders’ Week in 1999.

Who is organising APEC 2021?
The New Zealand Government is responsible for organising APEC 2021. Many parts of government are involved in planning and delivering APEC, led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Auckland Council Group, led by ATEED, is working collaboratively to support MFAT and a Memorandum of Understanding between ATEED and MFAT has been signed to facilitate this collaborative approach.

What is Auckland Council’s role in APEC 2021?
Auckland’s role is firstly to get the city ready to host by providing operational support, preparing to welcome our visitors, destination management and communicating with Aucklanders. The second part of Auckland’s role is to make the most of the opportunities APEC 2021 provides by:

  • Showcasing Auckland to the world as an innovative, globally connected city
  • Connecting Auckland businesses with international visitors
  • Using APEC 2021 as a catalyst for the city’s strategic goals contained in documents such as the Auckland Plan, the City Centre Master Plan and Destination AKL 2025.

What infrastructure is being built in the city for APEC 2021?
There is no new infrastructure required to host APEC 2021. There are a number of major publicly and privately funded infrastructure projects happening in Auckland between now and 2021, when Auckland hosts APEC 2021, the 36th America’s Cup and a series of other major events. These projects are part of a planned City Centre and waterfront upgrade and are not being built specifically for APEC 2021.

Whereabouts in Auckland will Leaders’ Week events be held?
While venues for Leaders’ Week are yet to be determined, minimising the impact on Aucklanders and maximising the experience for people attending the meetings will be key considerations in the venue selection process.

Photo Courtesy of the APEC Secretariat, www.apec.org