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Business and investmentGRID AKL Bill Reichert and Adiba Barney visit, 2015

GridAKL innovation precinct at Wynyard Quarter

Opened in May 2014, the GridAKL innovation precinct brings more than 50 like-minded technology companies together in the same area. As part of ATEED’s innovation plan, GridAKL is helping Auckland become an innovation hub of the Asia-Pacific region. 
Our project partners, BizDojo and The Icehouse, run the hub’s day-to-day operations.

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The FoodBowl – Te Ipu Kai

Part of New Zealand Food Innovation Network, The FoodBowl is helping to drive the region’s $3.3 billion a year food and beverage industry. It is a state-of-the-art food production facility operated in a joint venture between ATEED and government agency Callaghan Innovation.

Innovative food and beverage companies can hire any one of the four fully-equipped processing halls in the facility to develop, test and produce new products in an export-certified environment.

The FoodBowl’s workshop programme makes it a key centre for industry skills development.

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AR/VR Garage

Our newly opened AR/VR Garage is designed to deliver quality digital outcomes for major film and screen projects. As a cluster of innovative creative talent and world-class collaboration it will extend both Auckland and New Zealand’s screen creativity expertise into new virtual realms for our international partners.

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Tertiary Student Entrepreneurship 

ATEED is working to increase the number and caliber of tertiary student entrepreneurs in Auckland to drive innovation. We’re actively supporting the development or expansion 10 entrepreneurship programmes across four tertiary institutions, including University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology, Unitec and Media Design School.

Project Palace

Project Palace is a commissioned research project that is looking into the supply and demand of visitor accommodation in New Zealand. It is a joint project between New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), Tourism New Zealand and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
ATEED has worked with NZTE to identify viable land options for new hotels in Auckland to present to investors here and abroad.

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Tripartite Economic Alliance

We are working with our sister cities of Los Angeles, USA, and Guangzhou, China to enhance trade and economic relations, and to set a new standard for how modern cities can engage and collaborate in the 21st Century.

In 2016, Auckland hosted the annual Tripartite Economic Alliance Summit, which offered businesses from each tripartite city the chance to network and create opportunities with each other.

The next summit with be in Guangzhou in 2017.

Aroha Auckland programme

Our Aroha Auckland programme helps make ensure multinational companies who have brought their business companies to Auckland are supported by Council and encouraged to expand within the city.

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World Masters Games 2017

ATEED successfully bid for Auckland to host the World Masters Games 2017, the pinnacle sporting event for many master level athletes. From 21 to 30 April 2017,25,000 athletes will converge on Auckland to attend the World Masters Games, largest multiple-sport event in the world (exceeding even the summer Olympic Games). 

We have set up a subsidiary company to plan and deliver the games and with an expected impact of $36 million on Auckland’s GDP, the World Masters Games 2017 will be the largest event New Zealand will host in the next decade. 

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New Zealand Superyacht Attraction programme

Beginning in 2014, we’ve worked with Tourism New Zealand, NZ Marine, and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to make New Zealand a desired super yacht destination. Our goal? To attract 74 super yachts per year to New Zealand shores by 2018.

Each super yacht contributes more than $1 million to the economy with each visit and in many cases more than $5 million. This includes expenditure on tourism by the owners and crew, and for berths and marine services for yachts.

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Study, work and live in Auckland

Auckland Regional Partnership Agreement

For this three year plan, we’ve partnered with the Auckland Council and Immigration New Zealand to attract and retain migrants whose skills play a critical role in Auckland’s economy – particularly in areas of skills shortage, such as ICT and construction. 

As well as filling the gaps in Auckland’s workforce, skilled migrants will also help stimulate economic growth through the transfer of knowledge and skills that support the necessary innovation and acceleration for growth.

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International Education Joint Venture with Education New Zealand

Working with Education New Zealand, we’ve created an Auckland International Education Leadership Group. Together we’ve developed a programme to look at Auckland’s high growth areas and identify the skills-gap within them that New Zealand-trained international students could fill. This group also reviews the capacity for growth of Auckland’s international education providers.

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Meet in Auckland

PST 2016: International Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust

Auckland will play host to hundreds of the world’s leading researchers in cyber security at the PST 2016: International Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST).The three day conference will attract more than 250 delegates from around the world and inject $350,000 into the local economy.

World Forum on Early Care and Education

Taking place from 9-12 May 2017, the World Forum on Early Care and Education is expected to attract more than 800 early childhood professionals from around the world to discuss the delivery of quality services to young children. The three-day conference will contribute an estimated $1.2 million to the local economy.

International Council of Large Electrical Systems’ CIGRE B5 Study Committee (Protection & Automation) Annual Meeting and Colloquium

Auckland will host the first International Council of Large Electrical Systems’ CIGRE B5 Study Committee (Protection & Automation) Annual Meeting and Colloquium in 2017. The event will attract around 250 experts in electrical power systems.

Asia-Oceania Conference of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

In 2018, around 800 doctors, physio and occupational therapists will come to Auckland to attend the Asia-Oceania Conference of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

The World Congress of Environmental Health

The World Congress of Environmental Health will also be held in 2018 attracting 300 specialists, managers, students, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and leaders involved directly or indirectly with environmental health science, practice, and research.