The information below provides details of the travel expenses of ATEED and its subsidiary World Masters Games 2017 Ltd in the 2014/15 financial year, with comparative figures for 2013/14. The analysis includes both staff and ATEED Group directors.


Domestic ATEED
 Year  Flights  Accommodation  Other
 2014/15  $40,825  $17,588  $135,679
 2013/14  $38,120  $12,686  $82,724
Domestic World Masters Games 2017 Ltd
 Year  Flights  Accommodation  Other
 2014/15  $7,222  $1,777  $14,774
 2013/14  $7,628  $433  $2,549
International ATEED
 Year  Flights  Accommodation  Other
 2014/15  $314,062  $139,130  $115,241
 2013/14  $256,860  $120,703  $65,490
International World Masters Games 2017 Ltd
 Year  Flights  Accommodation  Other
 2014/15  $24,948  $12,780  $4,464
 2013/14  $18,618  $25,349  $17,948


To ensure ATEED and World Masters Games 2017 Ltd (WMG2017), a subsidiary of ATEED, are able to secure the best price for bookings, international travel is booked either via the Auckland Council’s Travel Coordinator or directly with partners. WMG2017 has secured Air New Zealand as the ‘Airline for the Games’. Airline travel that does not require WMG2017 to pay cash is not shown within the analysis above.

The cost provided in this response include airfares, accommodation, ‘other’ which includes disbursements and expenses such as taxis, parking and meals for staff – while traveling internationally and domestically. 

A manual process would need to be undertaken to itemise travel expenses individually by staff member, or by destination, and these costs would need to be on-charged to individual requestors. Therefore costs have been provided without being broken down further.

For the 2013/14 financial year
Over the full financial year, the total annual cost of international travel by ATEED staff (excluding WMG2017) was $443,053, and average of approximately $36,900 a month.

For the 2014/15 financial year
Over the full financial year, the total annual cost of international travel by ATEED staff (excluding WMG2017) was $568,433, an average of approximately $47,000 a month.

ATEED’s annual operating budget for the 2014/15 financial year is approximately $57 million. With this budget the organisation is responsible for delivering against six key areas of priority of behalf of Auckland Council:

  • Grow the visitor economy
  • Grow a skilled workforce
  • Build Auckland’s brand and identity
  • Build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Attract business and investment

Some of the targets for these priority areas included expanding the visitor economy to over $7 billion annually by 2021, annual target of attracting $252 million of international deals through business and investment including the screen sector, and $1.45 billion annual value from international students based in Auckland.

To achieve these targets, ATEED staff were required to travel offshore to do business in our key markets. This travel includes being part of multi-agency trade delegations, and attending key global conferences or trade shows – including screen festivals – to grow connections and secure deals for Auckland’s key growth industry sectors which include international education, food and beverage, ICT and digital media, screen production, marine and advanced materials. They are also required to travel to present bids for major sporting events.

ATEED staff also travel domestically, mainly for national industry conferences, and for crucial national policy meetings held in Wellington with key government agency partners to ensure Auckland’s economic growth policies align with the Government’s economic agenda.

WMG2017 has a target to secure half of its participants from offshore.  An important method to secure this level of participation is attendance at key international events. 

In addition, WMG2017 staff travel domestically to meet national sports bodies, along with other stakeholders, and as part of operational programme design. Domestic travel has also involved attendance at sports events around the country, given the target of attracting 20 per cent of participants from outside Auckland.

The annual spend by ATEED (excluding WMG2017) on international travel in 2014/15 equates to approximately one per cent of ATEED’s annual operating budget.


Domestic ATEED
 Year  Travel costs  Director
 2014/15  n/a  
 2013/14  $2,010  David McConnell
   $344  Norm Thompson
Domestic World Masters Games 2017 Ltd
 Year  Travel costs  Director
 2014/15  $697  Martin Snedden
   $1,112  Kevin Ross
 2013/14  n/a  
International ATEED
 Year  Travel costs  Director
 2014/15  $28,618  Helen Robinson
 2013/14  $18,973  David McConnell
   $394  Helen Robinson


Note: no international travel expenses have been paid to WMG2017 directors to date.


Helen Robinson is a nationally recognised expert and leader in the ICT industry. She represented ATEED and Auckland on a New Zealand Government trade mission to India in November 2014. This mission was focused on building connections with key investors and multi-nationals in the increasingly powerful Indian economy. A particular separate aim for ATEED was to forge business connections with business leaders and international education industry influencers and interest them in coming to Auckland during ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 – to coincide with India playing in Auckland, and the India New Zealand Business Council summit.

The mission objectives were achieved, with more than 40 influential Indian business leaders, and six of India’s top international education agents (from Auckland’s second most important, and fastest growing international student market) visiting Auckland during March’s ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Business growth meetings were held with a number of Indian tech entrepreneurs, investors and companies.
Helen made a trip to China in the 2013/14 year, again on a trade mission.

David McConnell made three international trips for ATEED in 2013/14 – to Bali for the APEC CEO summit; to Japan for tourism industry related discussions; and to San Francisco to build trade connections associated with the America’s Cup ‘NZ Inc’ VIP programme targeting US West Coast tech investors and companies.