As one of the most diverse cities in the world, Auckland dishes up food from all corners of the globe.

Around Asia in Auckland

Dominion Road is hands down one of the best Asian dining precincts in Auckland. The strip is famed for its Chinese dumplings and is also home to an array of eateries serving up incredible cuisine from Thailand, Japan, Korea and more. 

Just a few hundred metres away, follow your nose to Sandringham's curry houses, from the mouth-watering Paradise, with queues out the door, to the cosy and intimate Satya chai lounge offering an extensive menu.  

Asian Fusion is an exciting trend across Auckland, where different Asian cuisines combine culinary delights and contrasting flavours. We’re talking taro and tapioca fritters, with peanut, cumin, ginger and spicy tamarind sauce at Mekong Baby, ‘east meets west’ street food from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand at White + Wong’s, and Takapuna’s Tok Tok, which serves an array of interesting dishes to tantalise taste buds, such as their Vietnamese coffee panna cotta with pistachio candy and cinnamon.  

Get involved – the Mexican wave 

Found in the heart of the city, an Auckland institution will transport you across the ocean to experience the wonders of Mexico. No two nights are the same at Mexican Café with regular live music, its cultural ambience, delicious margaritas at happy hour prices, and a menu of more than 40 down-to-earth dishes that are packed with flavour.  

Experience local Māori kai (food) 

To experience a true taste of New Zealand, a ‘hāngi’ cannot be missed. This traditional Māori style of cooking uses an underground oven, known as a hāngi pit, to cook food over heated stones for several hours. Visit the Hāngi Shop in Otahuhu, South Auckland for traditionally prepared fish, chicken and root vegetables like kumara (sweet potato).  

Did someone say pizza? 

Carbs will become your best friend when you experience the pizza, pasta and polenta of Auckland's Italian dining scene. El Greco, an Italian and Greek restaurant serves authentic Mediterranean food. The people here are passionate, not only for their food, but family and life, making for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. And, if you’re looking for something a little grand and sophisticated, head to Amano, an Italian-influenced all-day restaurant in a former warehouse on the city’s waterfront. Handmade and generous, the pasta often features one seasonal ingredient – a plate of spaghetti, say, with chargrilled broccolini from the owner’s farm. 

Simple fish n chips. 

For old time kiwi favourites such as ‘fish and chips’, visit the refurbished Auckland Fish Market, which has a courtyard bar and eight eateries offering a range of seafood. Or, if you’d prefer hearty meals like bangers and mash, visit O'Hagan's on Viaduct Harbour, a perfect example of a traditional Irish Pub.  


And the list goes on. Simply put, there’s something for all tastes in Auckland.  

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