Our commercial services sector is knowledge intensive, relying on expert knowledge to provide specialist services in areas such as scientific research, engineering and business and management.

Businesses in this sector often operate as specialist consultants and developers.

At a glance*

  • NZD $16.8 billion of Auckland’s GDP (20.9%)
  • 3.1% annual growth 
  • 168,637 workers

* as of 2015 
Source: Infometrics Ltd. 2016.




Labour force

In 2015, there were 168,637 people in the commercial services sector – 21 per cent of Auckland’s total workforce. In the five years to 2020, the number of people employed in this sector is expected to peak at 194,232, an average growth of 2.9 per cent (compared to 2.3 per cent) per annum in the total Auckland economy.


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