Payroll Master Class 2021

For payroll people - work can seem relentless. There is always another deadline coming up and too little time to get everything done. So this year we’re focusing on giving you new ideas on how to do more with less and manage your payroll function in a new way. Better for you, and better for your business because they will have a happier payroll function.

Our master class is split into 3 sections focusing first on employment law and the Holidays Act, then on how you can influence your managers to follow process and lastly how you can free up some time.

As always with elephant, we focus on giving you practical tools and techniques that really work, not just theory. We also answer any questions you have with practical solutions and ideas you can really use. So even if you’re busy, taking a day out to attend may be just what you need.


9.15am - Introductions and challenges brainstorm

9.45am - The Holidays Act & other employment law
Need we say more? This session is going to deep dive into the upcoming changes with the Holidays Act so you know what you need to do to comply as well as any other recent employment law changes that impact on payroll.

After a short morning tea, we’re also going to look at case law and some case studies, answer all your weird and wonderful questions as well as share ideas for managing leave and compliance. It will be a magical two hours.

12pm - Lunch

1pm - Influencing your managers
This next section of the master class gives you tools and techniques to use to influence and support your managers with payroll processes. You’ll learn clever ways to grab managers attention, get them to actually read your payroll emails and to follow process. If you’ve ever been frustrated with managers not following directions – this session will give you new ideas to get them doing what they should and not asking lots of questions!

3pm - Afternoon Tea

3.30pm - Managing Time Without Eight Arms
Our last session of the day focuses on how you can use your time well when you’ve always got too much to do and another deadline is approaching. We know many payroll people hardly ever get time off and this session is about creating time so you can have a break. We cover new tools and techniques you can use, talk about resilience, discuss push back and delegation and much more.

4.45pm - Action planning session
5pm - Finish

For more information visit the Elephant Group website or to book click on the registration button.

Auckland Rose Park Hotel, Parnell, Auckland
2021-09-02 09:00:00 - 2021-09-02 17:00:00
09 3652522
All Ages
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Payroll Master Class 2021

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