How to thrive in a gig economy

Join us at this PwC Herald Talks Insights event to learn how embracing today’s flexible workforce can help your business keep up with change, while attracting and retaining talent.

Keynote speaker Nimita Morarji, Director, Serum Public Relations and specialist panelists Jaime Hetherington, Owner, BeBalanced; Chris Ioan, Marketing Director, OraKura; and Leigh Olsen, Director, Tradie HR will discuss the gig economy, how it’s relevant to small business and share essential tips on new ways of working, including:

•    Managing a flexible workforce
•    Retaining good contractors (and your IP) while maintaining flexibility
•    Finding people with the right skills at the right time  
•    Employing skilled staff when you need them 
•    Developing mutually beneficial relationships in the gig economy
•    Managing the ebbs and flow of contact work

If you’re a small business that engages contractors, or if you work as a contractor, or are thinking of hiring contract staff, please join us.

Te Haa o Manukau is a 10-minute walk from the Manukau train station. Paid parking is available at Ronwood Ave carpark, corner of Ronwood and Davies Avenues, Manukau.

Te Haa o Manukau
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How to thrive in a gig economy

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