6 Week Reset Challenge

Our 6-week reset challenge is a perfect program for everyone and anyone, if you're either a beginner or have been practising for some time, our program helps you to get a better understanding of hot yoga and helps deepen your knowledge of the practice whilst being mentored through your 6-week experience!

Our 6-week challenge includes:

An unlimited studio membership. Practice all the classes you want. On the challenge, you need to practice a minimum of 3 from our schedule.

2 towels and a mat every time you come to the studio.

Technical classes each week where you can learn extra tips, ask questions and get a better understanding of yoga to get more out of your practice! You are able to alternate between the two classes we hold on Wednesday at 6:30pm or Saturday 2:30pm!

We also provide you with a nutritional plan with a choice of either Paleo or Vegan where you will receive yummy recipes and an ingredient list to help you get the most beneficial results out of your 6-week reset challenge!

You will receive a journal where you can document your journey, write down any questions that arise and tips that you learn during the technique classes!

Before and after photos to show the progress and growth in your 6 weeks!

The pricing for our 6 week challenge program is $299 but you can either pay in full or $50pw!
For more information or to come in for a consultation please email us -

Hot Yoga Works Britomart, CBD, Auckland
2023-02-01 18:00:00 - 2023-03-08 23:00:00
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6 Week Reset Challenge

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