Healing With Spirit - 2 Day Course with Elayne

Come and join the energy of Spirit for a two-day interactive course to learn how to heal using Spirit as your helper.

- This will provide you with the tools to let you access spiritual knowledge for your own healing and long-term wellness, but also begin the exploration of healing and assisting others.

- It teaches you how energetic patterning works, how it gets locked and how this can be totally unremembered in your current energy space. Often the cause of lethargic energy, general unwellness and a failure to move yourself forward.

- This knowledge when applied changes your inner being in a very positive way, helping to move ahead and align with your purpose on the earth plane, to see everything in a more positive way and to effect change in your life with dignity and grace.

This is a course for everyone, those who are brand new and those who need to learn new skills, to increase your connection with Spirit and learn to heal yourself.

A workbook is included in the course.

Elayne is a gifted energy specialist with 20 years experience in public mediumship, training, mentoring and has her own company which specialises moving people forward in the new energies and healing and progressing them along their path.

Here she will combine her channel with your guide's energy utilising her healing and energy work to support you with your growth and expansion in this course.

Purchase through Eventfinda here by credit card or message me for direct payment options.
Tickets are non refundable and bookings are essential as limited to 6 people each course.

Divine Direction Ltd, Silverdale, Auckland
2020-10-24 10:00:00 - 2020-10-25 16:00:00
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Healing With Spirit - 2 Day Course with Elayne

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